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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Topless Pool in Las Vegas?

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Is there one place where you feel most comfortable taking your top off in Las Vegas. Wait, I should clarify, is there a topless pool that you really enjoy? Keep your clothes on people! Tell others about where to go to lose your tan line!

Artisan Hotel:evolve Beach Club Saturday

new couples-only topless pool party! which means there won't be a tone of single guys showing up just to gawk. awesome DJs, every Saturday!
—Guest Marcy Wilson

Topless Is NOT Nude

If someone is going to advertise an area that is nude, then it should be fully nude. Referring to a topless area as 'nude' is just plain wrong. Such an area can be referred to as partly nude (at best). Just another example of misleading advertising that caters to the prudish.
—Guest Nudesunbather

vegas topless

Ok We have been to Venus pool , but honestly unless your 25 and want to feel like your in a club in the middle of the day, it wont be anyones cup of tea. When it first opened we went and had a great time, but that was prior to the club taking over the pool. So what is the best laid back pool without a bunch of young clubbers?... Maybe even get an umbrella?
—Guest BK


We went to Stratosphere last year in June and by chance discovered pool25. My wife was reluctant at first but then seeing lots of beautiful ladies topless, she jumped in the water, took her top off and threw it at me smiling. My wife was in bikini and really got the attention. People were very nice and ladies were playing water volley ball. This was the first time for my wife. Her bikini was barely hiding anything. Great place to enjoy. They close the pool way early... around 5 pm.
—Guest sunbathing

Baring it at Caesar's

My wife wanted to try a topless pool for the first time when we were at Caesar's last summer. There was no charge to enter, and as someone else mentioned, no shade at all unless you cough up the big bucks for a cabana. When we arrived there were a bunch of guys, several women with full suits on and only a couple topless girls. Since this would be the first time my wife exposed her breasts in public, I thought she would chicken out but soon after we sat down I turned around and her top was off. I was surprised that one part of the hotel windows had a perfect view of the topless pool (though pretty far away). My wife seemed to enjoy tanning and swimming half naked, and was even jealous of the two girls next to us who wore thongs in addition to being topless. I have to admit, it does seem a little weird to be topless but keep your bottom fully covered. Next time, she promises to wear a g-string!
—Guest Joel

flamingo go pool no topless allowed

we used to go to the flamingo go pool where my wife could lay out topless. we just went august 2010 and they have banned topless bathing, now we have to find another resort to go to. does any of harrahs resorts still allow for topless bathing.
—Guest danny

Love Stratsophere's Beach Club 25

I have only been to the Stratosphere's Beach Club 25 but I loved it. Very laid back with no working women...just nice cpls and some groups of women. Music was just right and the pool is freezing even on days when the temp is over 100. It even has an area of shade if you get too much sun. Not as glamorous as a lot of Vegas pools....but for me.....it's awesome.


I did a girl's trip to Vegas in Sept and only one of my friends were interested in spending the day at a "European style" pool. We were given passes to Bare and loved it! Very secluded. I've never done topless sunbathing before and it was all very relaxed. For about $80 in drinks we were able to score a set of beds where the mojitos flowed! We were treated like VIPs and after a few of the mojitos, mingled with the crowd. While some were of the plastic surgery (patients and doctors) variety everyone was relaxed and had a good time. Everyone talked to everyone else. It was an unpretentious and fun crowd. I got a great tan, got drunk, and spent a fun day with my friend. The staff was fun and attentive as well. A nice pool to relax by earlier in the day and more of a party vibe toward the late afternoon. No creepy gawkers so it was fun for everyone. I would highly recommend.
—Guest flygirl

To be 25.

Stratosphere's Pool 25 IS the best topless pool in Vegas. There is no pretentious vibe, no wannabe celebs trying to catch their break. I only have encountered good people and good times. I never had a creepy guy asking to put on sunscreen on me either, well maybe my ex-boyfriend.
—Guest Melrose


Pool at the flamingo is very nice. But why ??????????? do guys need to pay 10 dollar entrance even if they stay at the hotel? funny that most of the adult movies come from America, but oh oh oh my god topless sunbathing is a huge thing!!
—Guest european girl

Caesars pool

We stayed at Caesars and visited their topless pool. I expected to pay to get in but I didnt have to. The pool was small which we didnt mind, but there was absolutely no shade, unless you wanted to rent a cabana. We were there for a couple of weeks and pending on the day there was always a different variety of topless women. They had a bar, which was limited. They didnt seem to mind if the Women went into the pool sans top, but my wife walked to the bar topless and they we were rushed by the staff. Still trying to figure that one out. The music was way to loud as they were trying to make it a "night club" atmosphere. To be honest if they would have had some nice relaxing "zen" style music it would have been better than it actually was. We're going to try the Winn next.
—Guest DeeWayne

Europe vs USA

It used to be that Europe was well known for topless sunbathing, whereas the USA was not, but surprisingly such is becoming less popular in Europe among younger folks...it's mostly the European boomers and older who are the mainstays.
—Guest SomeOne

Nude pools

Are there nude pools in Las Vegas? If so where? As far as I can see, the prudes in Vegas have pretty much stopped nudity (Fetish and Fantasy Ball is an example) and you cannot have nudity at most venues.
—Guest Gomez Munoz

Stratosphere's regular pool WAY better!

Well I haven't been to many of the topless pools in Vegas but the only one that I can vouch for is at the Stratosphere which is Beach Club 25. This pool area is on like the 25th floor, then up about three flights of stairs. When you get there I was greeted (rudely) by a pool attendant that quickly told me that it would be $10.00 for men and women are free. I just told the dude my wife and I just wanted to check it out and I have to say it was a sorry sight. The pool was about 20% of the size of the regular pool, tiny bar area, very plain and boring decor it wasn't even worth considering and I think there were about two women topless out of 50. The regular pool was WAY better than this, it's huge with I believe three areas to swim in. They have three or four bar areas, the clientele was between 20-30 years old with some families. The place was popping with top 40 music, the bartenders were hilarious and made some strong drinks at a great prices, forget Club 25 and enjoy the free pool.
—Guest MrModern


Your article left us confused. There is a difference between topless and nude sunbathing. Could you clarify? Being nudists, the idea of nude sunbathing in Vegas is awesome...

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