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vegas where my wife managed to suprise me

Share Your Story: Tell us About Your Last Las Vegas Vacation

By wigancpl

What Happened in Vegas

my wife suprised me again

How I did it in Vegas

Just back from vegas where my wife managed to suprise me again the first time wsa on holiday last year this time was more exciting . We had read about a bar called the hog n hefers where female customers are invited by the barmaids to dance on the bar and donate there bra?.Anyway in the bar that night was us a couple aged about 35 3 lads mid 20s and 4 guys in there 40s,by the way my wife is 38 im 49.After a few beers the barmaid approached both my wife and the other lady and invited them to dance on the bar they both accepted and up they went just dancing to fast country and western type music i sew the barmaid approach the other lady and whisper something she shook her head she them approached Sharon my wife and whispered something to her after a few seconds Sharon nodded and put her hands behind her back and undid her bra before removing it from under her t shirt to loud whistles and cheers looking slightly nervous she then made a couple of attempts to throw it on to a mooses antlers behind the bar another round of cheers when she did,the barmaid then got a couple of hog n hefer stickers put her hands up Sharons t shirt and stuck them over her nipples whispering something to Sharon who then looked at me going red shrugged her shoulders took hold of the bottom of her t shirt and began to raise it looking extremly nervous she lifted it all the way over her boobs held it under her chin lifted her arms into the air and turned to each side so all in the bar got a look tyhe whistling and shouting was amazing.Sharon then pulled her t shirt back down before getting of the bar she was bright red with emmbarasment when she came back to me.Drinks where coming from everywhere including the couple who came over to talk to us the husband said he wished his wife had done the same but didnt have the nerve.

What I'd Do Differently

  • We arranged to meet Paul and Jean the following night for a few drinks we soon got onto the subject of the previous night Paul said he realy wished Jean would have gone further and did what Sharon had done and teased her saying she had no bottle she replied that she was shy Sharon said she was shy to but as we where on holiday and would never see any of the people again why not Paul N Jean where also from England and Paul agreed anyway we decided to go back to the hog and it was prety quiet again with it being early in the week there where two differant girls behind the bar and one of the older guys from last night

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