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Sunday Brunch at the Country Club at Wynn Las Vegas


As Good As Las Vegas Can Get at Wynn Las Vegas
Sunday Brunch at the Country Club at Wynn Las Vegas
There are very few things that can make me get out of a warm bed with the zeal of a kid on Christmas morning, very few. If I’m at Wynn Las Vegas, the beds are so comfortable, the pillows so soft and that flat screen with some random sporting event practically force me to extend my morning under the covers. That is unless the Country Club brunch is on the schedule, in that case I'll get up extra early. I might even go for a quick run to make some extra room and to work my appetite into a frenzied lust for outrageously good food.

The Country Club at Wynn will impress you simply because the place looks great, the view of the golf course is very un-Vegas and the customer service is even a notch above the regular Wynn hospitality standard. What you don't realize when you are having a great time listening to some Sunday morning Jazz is that the food is really on a different level. At the Country Club brunch, expect a fine ding experience in a casual setting that is both elegant and relaxing at the same time. You’ll get the flavors of the South and a little taste of New Orleans to start your day.

What you should have at the Wynn Country Club Brunch:

  • The all you can eat buffet style spread is impressive and you cannot avoid having too much sausage, too much shrimp and too much gumbo, it’s going to happen, come hungry.
  • Poached Egg with Barbeque Pork- As you slice into the dish the eggs slides its flavor down your knife and the Hollandaise mixes with the bacon cheese biscuit and soon you are introduced to a slightly spicy green chili flavor as the Barbecue Smoked Pork dances with your taste buds.
  • Shrimp and Grits – The shrimp is sauteed and then the gravy mixes in with the grits and you only wished you grew up with this as your regular go to breakfast meal.
  • Free Range Chicken Paillard – Sit down, I don’t get excited about chicken, maybe it’s the bacon, possibly the vegetables or the arugula and cheese but whatever it is, the flavors, real chicken flavor, is so exciting in this dish that I’m sure that it was flown in from some chicken utopia.
  • The kid sliders – They have a kid section in the help yourself area of the Sunday brunch (I hate calling it a buffet, it is not a buffet, nowhere near a buffet and it should not be even compared to a buffet) The mini burgers are worth a couple on your plate even if you are not a kid, the mac n cheese is simple and not that overbearing mess that is the norm on the strip. By the way, they can also indulge in anything in the big kid section.

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