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Cocktails at Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas


The Best Place to Have a Cocktail in Las Vegas
Cocktails at Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas
I make no secret of my love for having a few drinks and sitting around having meaningless conversations about the weather, jazz, sand quality in French Polynesia or the way dust bunnies collect on my window sill. The truth is a good drink and somewhere to enjoy it makes anything better and you can get that at Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas. If you want a touch of class, a smidgen of elegance and a dose of the good life you'll love what they are doing at Parasol Down. If you enjoy a good cocktail, I can tell you that you'll really be pleased.

Here are a few suggestions for cocktails at Parasol Down:

  • Blue Cloud - An exotic mingling of muddled blueberries, Absolut Berri Açaí Vodka, Rock Nigori Sake and yuzu lemonade - This is your drink if you are sitting outside and the sun is warming your skin. The lemonade refreshes you and you get a little excited about the rest of the day. One thing, if you are into very man like drinks, you might reserve this one for the ladies.
  • Heritage Sour - A "carnivorous cocktail" with Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, applewood smoked bacon infused St-Germain, housemade maple sour and Peychaud’s bitters - How can you go wrong with bacon? You can't so this pork flavored cocktail will make you feel like a man and will have you craving some beef. Don't worry SW steakhouse is nearby.
  • Berry Infusion - Skyy Vodka and peach schnapps infused with pineapple, blueberries and strawberries. Served straight up or on the rocks. - One of these and you'll be looking for the pool. It is the type of drink that makes you want to lounge with a trashy magazine and an afternoon to kill.
Some of these drinks are seasonal so you might have to ask if they have them. I'll tell you that if Omar is behind the bar you are in very good hands but Parasol Down is stacked with some talented people. My test of the bar personnel usually involves me asking them what they do best. At Parasol Down, Omar sought my preferences, asked the right questions and then created a drink that felt like it was tailor made specifically for me.

Parasol Down at the Wynn Las Vegas
Open at 11 am daily until very late

There is entertainment out on the lake that is fun, creepy, weird and entertaining when the sun goes down. I don't want to blow it by telling you what you'll see only because the first time I saw it I was perplexed so I want to save that for you.

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