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May in Las Vegas – Weather in Las Vegas

Average Temperatures in May in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan and CityCenter
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Average Temperatures in May in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in May in Las Vegas: 88 F (31.1 C)
  • Average Low Temperature in May in Las Vegas: 60 F (15.5 C)
  • Average Rainfall in May in Las Vegas: .28”
  • Average Humidity in May in Las Vegas: 18%

Favorite things to do this month from the 100 Things to do in Las Vegas page:

When to visit Las Vegas

Pool Season in May in Las Vegas?
Yes, you will begin to feel the heat in May at the pools in Las Vegas, However, you can still get some relatively cool temperatures late in the day so you probably will not be soaking up the sun until dinner time.

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Walking Weather in May in Las Vegas?
The early afternoon walk is good this time of the year however; the mid afternoon sun and temperatures can get a tiny bit uncomfortable. If you are doing a good job of drinking water you’ll be fine but you should expect some perspiration to develop. That’s right, sweat! No pain, no gain.

Golf Conditions in May in Las Vegas?
Twilight is where you want to be as prices start creeping up to play some courses. The weather can get warm but nothing you, a cart and a few drinks can’t handle.

Do you need real time weather? Check this list of resources for Las Vegas weather right at this moment.

Perfect attractions in May in Las Vegas:
Check out a late afternoon sunset from the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas.

Possible day trips in May in Las Vegas: Try Mt. Charleston if you want to hold on to some cool weather .

Something you should know about May in Las Vegas:
The summer season is about to begin in May and the hotels start offering some very good incentives to stay in Las Vegas. This is the month to work on your tan during the day and dress up at night. By July it’s just too warm to wear nice clothing.

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Where You Should Go In Las Vegas?

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