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Is It Hot in Las Vegas?

Do you need sunscreen or a sweater in Las Vegas


Las Vegas cityscape seen from the top of the Stratosphere Tower, Nevada, United States of America
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Is It Hot in Las Vegas?

When are you planning your trip to Las Vegas? Does it matter if it's hot or cold or do you plan on sitting at a blackjack table for three days straight? The summer months can be perfect for the pool if you like 100+ degree days but did you know that March - Early May and September - Early November are often better pool months? Do you love to walk? February temperatures in Las Vegas are perfect for long walks on the Las Vegas strip.

Check the weather in Las Vegas if you want more detailed in formation on when to go to Las Vegas.

If you need a quick guide to the temperatures in Las Vegas I can tell you that January and February can get cold but not the cold you might expect if you are from the north. If you head to Las Vegas from Canada I'm sure you'll be laughing at the amount of coats ad scarfs as you wear a t-shirt. March and April are tricky as the temperatures start heating up and you get the feeling that pool season is in full swing. While it might be warm, I have seen some Spring Break parties that have been canceled because of rain and cold daytime temperatures. Not to worry because May June, July, August and September are guaranteed warm months. You can be sure you will not need a sweater and you can pack extra sun block. Once October and Halloween come around the temperatures drop and you can bet a Las Vegas winter will set in through November and December.

Weather is relative so if you are leaving minus 20 temperatures you'll feel like the seasons have changed when you step off the plane to 50 degree sunshine. However, in the middle of summer plenty will tell you that it is a dry heat but any way you look at it you'll feel a little bit of discomfort.

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