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April in Las Vegas – Weather in Las Vegas

Average Temperatures in April in Las Vegas


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Average Temperatures in April in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in April in Las Vegas: 78 F (25.5 C)
  • Average Low Temperature in April in Las Vegas: 51 F (10.5 C)
  • Average Rainfall in April in Las Vegas: .21”
  • Average Humidity in April in Las Vegas: 20%

Favorite things to do this month from the 100 Things to do in Las Vegas page:

When to visit Las Vegas

Pool Season in April in Las Vegas?
Oh yeah, this is when pool season starts. There will be a few days when you consider going in early but the early season excitement will keep you on the pool deck but out of the water.

Most pools are open by mid April and the scene is already what you would expect for Las Vegas because the Spring Break crowds can be expected.

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Walking Weather in April in Las Vegas?
If there is a best time to walk the strip in Las Vegas it is October and April. The temperatures are perfect for walking in shorts but they are not so obscene that you need to spray yourself down at every chance you get. You should still drink plenty of water but it by no means is hot. Take your time and enjoy the sights with a comfortable walk up and down the strip.

Golf Conditions in April in Las Vegas?
The weather is awesome and the time change gives you far more time to hit the links. You might encounter some wind in the late afternoon but not enough to hamper your game.

Do you need real time weather? Check this list of resources for Las Vegas weather right at this moment.

Perfect attractions in April in Las Vegas:
The free stuff that you find out doors rule in April. You can handle waiting for the Sirens of TI or the Volcano because the weather is just right. Don’t forget people watching, this time of the year is prime season as plenty of people do not have that mid summer tan yet believe it already shorts season.

Possible day trips in April in Las Vegas: Hit the Springs Preserve or Death Valley and you should find the best conditions of the year.

Something you should know about April in Las Vegas:
There can be a lot of spring break action around town so be prepared for a younger crowd at the pool and the casino.

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Where You Should Go In Las Vegas?

You are set, now start planning!

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