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Weather - Hot or cold in the Desert

Its always nice in Las Vegas but here you can find out how nice. If you're looking for specific information on what the day looks like this is the spot for you.

Is It Hot in Las Vegas?
When you get to Las Vegas will you need sunscreen or a sweater? What you really want to know is it hot in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Real Time Weather
Real time weather and conditions in Las Vegas

Weather in Las Vegas
Find the Las Vegas Weather information, forecasts and average temperatures when planning your trip. Are the pools open, can you play golf do you need a sweater? Find out out the weather in Las Vegas and what the weather is like at different times of the year. Plan your trip around the Las Vegas weather and find some suggestions for activities...

National Weather Service - NWS Las Vegas
Las Vegas Weather from the National Weather Service.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Local Weather
Real time weather in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Las Vegas Weather
Up to the minute Las Vegas weather news

Weather from weather.com
If you need to know what the weather is right now. Click here to find out.

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