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Valentine's Day Restaurants in Las Vegas

Romantic Restaurants On The Las Vegas Strip


If you are as serious about romance and serious about food Las Vegas is your spot for Valentine's Day. Sure you'll find some amazing meals but you can experience a whole lot of Las Vegas in a package that includes amazing flavors and just a touch of that seductive romance that Las Vegas is famous for.

1. Le Cirque at Bellagio

Your view of the Bellagio fountains or of the energetic dining room is enough to make for a a sensual adventure but the food will have you seeking the comfort of your date. Comfortable, elegant fine dining is what they do right at Le Cirque. This is a very nice place but you feel so relaxed that you will most likely lean over and kiss your date and not feel like you are being improper. After you have tried your entree's you might want to kiss the server or the chef but I'm not so sure it's that casual of a place.

2. L'Atelier at MGM Grand

Your view at L'Atelier is of a group of people who are so passionate about food they make a little something happen inside of you. The attention to detail is intoxicating and the simple flavors that come across the counter will baffle you. Sitting side by side with a view of the kitchen allows you direct access to the ear of your date and there is nothing as romantic as leaning in close and whispering something nice into their ear as you share an incredible meal. I should be honest in telling you that I recommend this restaurant for any and every occasion. It is the perfect combination of fine dining and casual elegance. You are getting the best of Las Vegas in a spot that understands the relaxed nature of the Las Vegas strip.

3. Scarpetta at Cosmopolitan

Spiced Duck Breast at Scarpetta Las Vegas
Photo by Zeke Quezada
If you want to taste passion on your plate with a view of Las Vegas Scarpetta at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is where you'll stop. The room has a subdued sexiness that I can only describe the way my wife holds my hand in an elevator or the look you get from a perfect stranger at a bar that is the border of invitation and flirtation. The colors, the atmosphere, the view, the wine...I cannot go on, clearly I cannot contain myself.

4. Top of the World at Stratosphere

You can see all of Las Vegas from the Top of the World restaurant. While that is impressive you'll be even more surprised when after having a few dishes you no longer are looking out the window and the distraction is the fact that everything is coming out with some spectacular flavors. Make sure to get to the restaurant when there is still some light out because the views of the Las Vegas valley seem endless.

5. SW Steakhouse at Wynn

SW Steak at Wynn is elegant and fancy but not in an old stuffy way but more in the way that someone realizes that you grew up and like the good life. The windows open up to the hidden lake at Wynn resort and the food will mesmerize you but the feel of the room is where the romance is. It's not quiet, it's not dark, it's not a place for lovers to gaze into each others eyes, however, there is something in the air that suggest you lean over and drop a gentle kiss on your date.

6. Carnevino at Palazzo

Photo by Zeke Quezada
If beef excites you this is the most romantic spot on earth. You will not be able to keep your hands off the food and you'll be compelled to savor the beef flavor in an almost erotic way. It is just that good. Yes, you will fantasize about what they are doing with their beef at Carnevino.

7. LAVO Las Vegas

You love the Las Vegas nightlife and you want some good food. Simple, LAVO will get you both. I should warn you that the meatball here is quite spectacular and if you try to smuggle one up to the club upstairs they might not be happy if you spill the sauce on their dance floor. With that said you should get your does of romance with a Las Vegas lounge twist at LAVO, the music is on and the crowd is ready to have a good night. It makes for a good evening that is sure to go deep into the night.

8. Olives at Bellagio

Olives is another of my favorite spots on the Las Vegas strip. The views of the fountains are pure romance and the people who work there make you feel so comfortable. If you are lucky enough to sit on the patio try to keep your dates hands off of you because the atmosphere is such that it leads to sensual behavior. Talk to your server and listen to their passion for this place, it's all part of the experience.

9. Sage at ARIA

Simply, sensual food. It's not like they are selling sex in the food at Sage at Aria but the truth is everything is done so right that if you love food you can't help but to get aroused. The room will have you feeling a little old school but the food will have you thinking Vegas and the middle ground is where you all of sudden think something is definitely going on tonight.

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