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Loving Las Vegas

Being Bad and Loving It!


Las Vegas is an enigma. It is set up to allow us to be bad and we love it. We might not tell people we love it, but we love the idea of it and all that Las Vegas is about. We love the secrets that we can keep about our behavior in Las Vegas. Essentially, we love to be bad and Las Vegas allows us to do it as often as we like.

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The Food in Las Vegas

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Las Vegas is about the best food on the planet. What do you crave? What do you desire? Emeril cranking out Creole creations or Bobby Flay making you want to move to the southwest? What about Bay Area passion for food and wine or just a good burger? Las Vegas is all about food.

Zumanity at New York/New York Hotel

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
This is the type of entertainment you should expect from Las Vegas. Don't take up space live on the edge with Zumanity. This show helps you explore those dark places in your life that you know are there but you not quite sure how to get to them. Exciting, erotic and adventurous, Zumanity in Las Vegas is exactly why you need to be loving Las Vegas.

Drink Way too Much Italian Wine at Enoteca Otto

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Eat way too many carbs and drink way too much red wine and you can say you had a successful Las Vegas vacation. At Enoteca San Marco at the Venetian you can have too much bead as well and the alcohol makes you shun the guilt.

Mountain Biking in Las Vegas

Take your skills to the edge and leave the strip to ride. Mountain Biking in Las Vegas is not what you usually think about when you envision Las Vegas but that is what makes Las Vegas great. Head out to Red Rock Canyon, hop on a bike and tackle some challenging terrain.

A Glass of Wine, Meatloaf and People Watching at Spago

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Consistently one of my favorite places in las Vegas. Sit in the cafe and watch the people walk by as you enjoy a glass, bottle or a barrel of wine. Indulge in the meat loaf and you cannot make a better day of it. If I smoked I would, well, you can't anymore, but if you could and if I did, I would! Spago, Wine and Meat loaf is epic sin city madness!

The Peppermill

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
I always mention the Peppermill to everyone and anyone I talk to. A coffee shop and a lounge and it clearly is the best way to spend a portion of your late evening and early morning in Las Vegas. Have a drink by the fire in the middle of summer or the middle of winter it always feels right.

The View from the Eiffel Tower in the early evening

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
If I could do it all over again that's where I would do it. I would propose with a view of the entire Las Vegas valley laid out below me. Instead, my wife had to get the big proposal in front of the courthouse as her water broke. You want to get romantic? Take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower around sunset and just ask the question. Ask a stranger if you have to, magic happens up there.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
How does this make the list? Sure, I love to talk about late night drinking binges and endless dancing and gambling, however, I can get excited about a sale or two. Right? With so many mall and outlet centers it's impossible not to want to spend a little cash on flip flops and wine glasses. Guys need stuff, it's just that we don't usually want to spend five hours trying on other stuff before we decide on the stuff we already had in our hands.

Golf in Las Vegas

So many courses and plenty of sunshine makes Las Vegas the place to play golf. Sure it gets wicked hot in the summer but that just means you have to stay hydrated. In the winter it is a little chilly but it's not snowing.

Being able to sing out loud at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Okay, it's a pleasure that some of us are guilty of, but singing at the top of your lungs to Jimmy Buffet is not wrong! Apparently, not every has had enough to drink or they have not learned the art of relaxation. I just picture myself on a sailboat in the Caribbean sipping boat drinks and watching for fins. Considering Margaritaville is right on the Las Vegas strip it's easy to spot the sharks and the drinks never stop.

Listening to the music in Front of the Bellagio Fountains

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
The atmosphere in front of the Bellagio on a nice night as the fountains sway in front of you can lead to many unexpected activities. It's up to you to bring out the bad in so much good.

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