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Manhattan Express Roller Coaster at New York / New York Hotel Las Vegas


Manhattan Express Roller Coaster at New York / New York Hotel Las Vegas

If you love the idea of a roller coaster while you are on vacation you're in luck because the New York /New York Resort and Casino has a decent ride that surrounds the property. You'll ride out from the arcade and quickly climb to a spot where you'll be sure that your last meal will question whether or not it will remain inside your stomach. A few steep drops and a couple of dizzying corkscrews and then an inverted photo op and you are back with a sore back, sore neck and frayed nerves. Get the all day pass just so that you can ride it a few times during your stay.

Location: New York/New York Resort 3790 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-740-6969

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Hours: Tickets cost 14 per ride or you can get an all day pass for $25.
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This rollercoaster really gets moving and you will feel it when you drop 203 feet at 60 mph. The NY/NY says, “ It features the world's first "heartline" twist and dive maneuver, allowing riders to experience the thrilling force of negative g's!” I can’t tell you, my eyes were closed the entire trip. It was fun, I just didn’t see anything.

Make sure you empty your pockets of anything valuable as there is a good chance you'll lose everything and then get reprimanded by one of the people running the show. I actually attempted to move my phone from one pocket to another and just as the roller coaster was set to ascend the first hill the ride was stopped and some kid came out and took my phone from me. My 10 year old found it amusing as I asked, "I'll get that back, right?" Apparently they have some pretty good cameras keeping an eye on you.

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