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If I Had One Day at Caesars Palace Las Vegas


My perfect day at Caesars Palace Las Vegas?
If I Had One Day at Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Yeah, I’ll end up at the pool, how could I possibly avoid it since it has eight distinct pool areas, incredible cabanas and the lovely Mojitos that I so crave during the warmer months. But, Caesars Palace is also about far more than the incredible Garden of the Gods. It’s Caesars Palace! It is Las Vegas.

Wake up to Payard Patiserie - Fluffy croissant, coffee and maybe a little extra chocolate to make you smile. Life is so good when you treat yourself.

Qua Bath and Spa at Caesars Palace Las Vegas - Ultimately we should all treat our bodies to a spa treatment or two as often as possible and you’ll indulge in the relaxation that is handed out at Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace

The Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace - You’ll find me at the Apollo pool because I need as much sun as possible and the location of this small piece of the entire Garden of the Gods Oasis is precisely what I define as Las Vegas luxury.

Matt Goss - This guy just exudes this confidence and swagger that I’m sure I could possess if only I could sing, dance and grow stubble on my face just as Matt Goss does. His show is an energetic foray into some classic music mixed in with his mainstream style.

If you still have some energy, have a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 to cap off your evening.

That is the way to do Las Vegas!

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