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Get Away To Las Vegas With The Guys


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You Need A Pool: The Beach at Mandalay Bay Hotel
Get Away To Las Vegas With The Guys

Mandalay Pool

If you have the cash go for the cabana. You'll need some place to spread out and the truth is that it is far easier to meet women if you have a place where they can sit. No, they will not be okay sharing one lounge chair with you and a couple of friends.

You'll love the Mandalay Bay Pool because they have a wave pool, a lazy river, real sand and plenty of servers to keep you hydrated. You can easily spend an entire afternoon going in circles on an inflated raft in the lazy river. The food at the grill is above average and if you don't feel like getting sand in your salad they have somewhere for you to sit.

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Some of my favorite hotel pools in Las Vegas:

  • Volleyball Court at Monte Carlo Pool
  • The pool at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  • The beach at Mandalay Bay Hotel
  • Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace
  • Liquid Lounge at Aria
  • Encore Beach Club

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