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Lunch at Top of the World Las Vegas


Head To The Stratosphere Hotel For Lunch at Top of The World
Lunch at Top of the World Las Vegas
I would not rest the reputation of a restaurant on a sandwich. I mean I would never send you out of your way for a simple sandwich. Me, I'll travel through horrible conditions, dangerous neighborhoods, by foot, plane, rail or bicycle for a sandwich, but I would not expect that from you, not when you are on vacation. So don't think I am sending you to Top of The World restaurant at the Stratosphere Hotel for a Banh Mi sandwich, don't be crazy.

No, you should try their Tuna Tataki with Asian Salad, or their Grilled Portabello or even any of a number of salads or steaks. No, don't go there specifically for the Banh Mi sandwich.

But, since you are already there, since you are already enjoying the view, since the kitchen is so close and Chef Claude Gaty is already cranking out some pretty good renditions of classic continental cuisine, why not stray a little to where some magic is occurring? Try the Banh Mi, try a simple Vietnamese sandwich crafted by a chef who understands what it should be and does not try to "elevate" it to some other level. Instead he makes a solid sandwich that can be had as a slider at the Level 107 Lounge or a sandwich at Top of the World.

Enough about sandwiches, what else can you have at Top of the World for lunch?

Check out the Three Course Chef's Choice Lunch and you 'll get a chance to sample a few things such as the Lobster Bisque, followed by the Ricotta Gnocchi Bolognese or the jumbo Lump Crab cake and then a decadent dessert.

Lunch is priced right at Top of the World and the atmosphere is a bit more casual than dinner with the same great view. Be on the look out for those people who feel the need to jump off the tower and plunge down to the Las Vegas strip at SkyJump Las Vegas.

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