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Bars at the Stratosphere Las Vegas


Have a Drink at the Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower Las Vegas
Bars at the Stratosphere Las Vegas
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There are no shortages of places to have a drink in Las Vegas but finding a place that makes you want to stick around for awhile can sometimes be challenging. At the Stratosphere Hotel you have a couple of options that will make you sit back and enjoy the view wile having a good time.

Level 107 Lounge
I can tell you that the Happy Hour is great because menu items are 1/2 price and the Martinis are 2 for 1 but the best time is right about the time the sun goes down. The view is epic and if the live music is going you will be hard pressed to find a better spot on the Las Vegas strip. The lounge opens at 4 and make sure to grab yourself an order of banh mi sliders.

The menu at Level 107 Lounge

Air Bar
If you want to get serious about your drinking you might want to hit Air Bar for the simple reason that it is the highest bar in Las Vegas at 800+ feet above the Las Vegas strip. Check out their "Ignite The Night" special that is really just an excuse to have a party with a bottomless margarita from 7 to 10 pm. The atmosphere is fun and casual and the view of Las Vegas seems to go on forever.

Sunday through Thursday, 11am to 2am, Friday and Saturday, 11am to 4am
Live DJ: Thursday from 10pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday, 10pm to 3am

C Bar at the Stratosphere
It's the bar in the center of the casino, but it is also the bar that has the happy hour that will blow your mind. All you can drink for five hours a night and they have games on the televisions around the bar.

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