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The Tomahawk Steak at Jean Georges Steakhouse at ARIA Las Vegas


It's More Than A Steak in Vegas, It's An Experience At Jean Georges Steakhouse
The Tomahawk Steak at Jean Georges Steakhouse at ARIA Las Vegas
Photo by Derek Schoen
I should explain that I had this steak at 10 am and it moved me in such a way that even though I should have not been hungry for beef and bone marrow I devoured way more than I should have. I craved the Tomahawk steak from Jean Georges for two more days. It was as if something very dear to my heart was shown to me and then taken away. Maybe that is why I have a beef with Jean Georges Executive Chef Robert Moore. Maybe I just take my food way too seriously. Maybe I eat too much. All I know is that I have to go back and have more and have Sommelier Kim Wood pair a wine with that spectacular hunk of beef. The Hunk being the Tomahawk and not Chef Moore.

Executive Chef Robert Moore at Jean Georges Steakhouse at Aria is a nice enough guy. He seems like the kind of guy you want to have a beer with. He probably can put together a decent spread for a BBQ, honestly, he could probably coerce you into making bad decisions with his talents in the kitchen alone. That is the problem with him. I think he doesn't get it. Somehow I think that working long hours in the kitchen creating some pretty fantastic stuff in that Jean Georges Steakhouse Kitchen has hurt him.

The kitchen at Jean Georges Steakhouse is putting out some insane sauces. They are disturbingly good. It's right then in the moment when I'm faced with the dilemma of sauce on my meat that I think the Chef has gone crazy.

Has he not tasted his own beef?

Does he not understand it would be a crime to foul this Tomahawk steak with something other than the salt and pepper he used to prepare this masterpiece?

My open letter to the staff at Jean Georges Steakhouse:

The Tomahawk Steak is so incredibly, outrageously, awesome that anyone who dares to put sauce on that beautiful piece of Australian beef should be escorted out of the restaurant. You guys are working too hard on those amazing sauces. Those sauces would be fabulous if you were making third rate beef that you find in the bargain section of the grocery store. That sauce can make ANYTHING taste better. That is anything but that Tomahawk steak.

Of course, I could be wrong.

It's possible that Chef Robert Moore is not the kind of guy you want to hang out with. It's possible that he can't grill a steak to save his life. It's possible that the drinks at Jean Georges were not as good as I thought them to be. It's also possible that the Tomahawk Steak needs help to deliver the natural, beefy flavors of a well marbled piece of beef.

I imagine all of that is possible.

But, I doubt it.

The Tomahawk is one of the best steaks on the Las Vegas Strip and you should head to Jean Georges Steakhouse and order one for dinner and one to go. It's that good. Respect the beef though and lay off the sauce.

However, you should ask for extra sauce and try to find a way to put it in a bottle because the truth is it would be hard for either of us to try to recreate these flavors. You will need the sauce later.

What is up with the beef?

The Tomahawk steak at Jean Georges Steakhouse at Aria Resort in Las Vegas comes a long way to please us. It's roughly aged about 6 weeks and starts it's journey in Brisbane, Australia. To me, that explains why it has so much flavor. Anything living and growing up that close to the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise is going to develop into something beautiful. Have you ever seen those Australia women?

Jean Georges Steakhouse
Aria Resort Las Vegas
Dinner Daily 5 – 10:30pm

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