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The Best Hotel for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas


Consider the simple fact that alcohol may be involved in your entertainment while watching the Super Bowl. Now understand that when the game is over you might be very exhausted. Pick a hotel that makes it easier for you to recover after the big game.

Info for this year's Super Bowl Parties in Las Vegas
Super Bowl in Las Vegas, where to stay, where to play and where to watch.

Looking for resources on coupons, deals, reservations and tickets in Las Vegas? Research a little and you could possibly save a lot.

What You’ll Be Doing In Las Vegas?

1. THEhotel at Mandalay Bay

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Why THEhotel instead of the Mandalay Bay? Simple, you might need some space after the game to keep the party going, the rooms are huge! Also, when guys get together they tend to be cheap so you can cram a couple extra and have them sleep on the couch. One more thing, if you oversleep and miss out on a seat at the sports book or at one of them many bars around the Mandalay Bay you have a large flat screen in your room.

2. Bally's Las Vegas

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Room rates at Bally's are very reasonable and the rooms are spacious enough you won't disgust yourself when you realize your buddy has not showered for a couple of days. The Sports book and bar are both the type of places you need for proper Super Bowl viewing. A plus is the fast food options available right next to the Sports Book.

3. Caesars Palace

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The Sports Book at Caesars Palace is large and there are plenty of food options so this works as a place to watch the game. You should be concerned with the cost of the room if you are on a budget.

4. Wynn Las Vegas

Photograph © 2008 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
The Sports Book is very plush at Wynn and it can easily spoil you into thinking you can afford to make a living at betting on sports. Snap out of it! However, live it up and spend the money you are going to win on the game, on a room at Wynn and then go downstairs and watch the game.

5. Paris Las Vegas

If you love to play poker this is the place to play, stay and watch. The Sports book and its large screens are adjacent to the poker room so you can play a few hands of poker and watch the Super Bowl. The rooms at the Paris Las Vegas are fairly average, but you can't have everything go your way.

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