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Christmas Holidays in Las Vegas


Winter in Las Vegas
Christmas Holidays in Las Vegas

Winter In Venice at Venetian Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada

Right when the first leaves start changing colors outside my office window I begin my search for Christmas music. Before the end of the day I might have 3 sweaters laid out waiting for the cold weather and my favorite coffee mug will most definitely have a tiny bell strung to it. 

Soon I'll be singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and then I’ll be saying it’s “too damn cold outside” and way before Christmas and the New Year I’ll be longing for my flip flops and shorts  and those tiny umbrellas in my cocktails by the pool.

Until then I’ll just keep getting excited about the time of the year when warm butternut squash bisque makes an appearance on the menus of Las Vegas restaurants and if I’m real lucky Comme Ca breaks out an impressive Cassoulet that I wash down with a very good bourbon concoction off of their 18ACocotail menu.

How Should You Spend The Holidays in Las Vegas? Here are a few thoughts:

Venetian and Palazzo - As the holiday season begins Venetian and Palazzo put together a very good celebration as part of their Winter in Venice events that happen through January 5, 2014. To go along with the good food and drink holiday entertainment is featured as well as an ice rink out in front of the property. Don’t miss the nightly light show or the specialty food events.

Cosmopolitan Hotel - If you are looking for a real ice skating adventure The Rink at the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan Hotel is made of real ice. You can sit by a fire, have some smores and from what I’m told there will be some serious curling going on. This being an Olympic season you know I’m going to get serious with my curling skills. The Ice Rink is open November 22 through Jan 5, 2014 from 3pm to midnight weekdays and noon to midnight on the weekends.

The Christmas Tree at Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens - I’m a sucker for a beautiful Christmas tree and if you head into Bellagio Gardens and see a guy taking picture after picture of the same stuff for hours at a time there is a good chance that it’s me. Every year I am so impressed by the holiday display and the centerpiece is a huge tree that dominates the space. What they really need to do is turn down the temperature and make some real snow and then I would be in my own personal utopia.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Holiday Cactus Garden - Nothing says Christmas like lights on the tree and Christmas music filling the air. At the Ethel M Chocolate factory you’ll see more lights than you thought could be strung up to one outlet and they are all strung around a very impressive cactus garden.

Shopping at Crystals at CityCenter or the Forum Shops - It’s hard to think about the holidays without thinking about special gifts. I don’t buy many things this time of the year but my wife always enjoys it when I come home with a blue box from her favorite store inside the Shops at Crystals Las Vegas.

Window Shopping at Town Square or Tivoli Village - I have to admit that I am cheap. I don’t really enjoy shopping. I just don’t ever think I need new stuff. However, I do love walking around a good shopping area during the holidays just to see the craziness that goes on. Town Square is close to the strip so you get a combination of tourists and locals doing some holiday shopping. At Tivoli Village you can grab a good meal and do some very good people watching. Yes, you can buy something nice if you really need to as well but why not just wait until the after Christmas sales get going?


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