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Penny Pibbets of Absinthe Las Vegas Has A Band


Penny Pibbets Sings With Her Band Fish Circus
Penny Pibbets of Absinthe Las Vegas Has A Band

Fish Circus with Penny Pibbets of Absinthe Las Vegas

Photo by Mher Vahakn
If you have been living in one of the underground tunnels along the Las Vegas strip you probably have not heard that Absinthe is the best new show in Las Vegas. You probably have not heard about the Gazillionaire and his ability to command a room, er, I mean circus tent. You probably have no clue about the woman who swings high above your head or the two strong guys who get so close to each other that they seem to operate as one. However, I'm sure you have heard of Penny Pibbets, she is the star of the show (at least for me).

If you have seen Absinthe Las Vegas or are planning on it you will or have encountered Penny Pibbets and her wholesome All-American approach to delivering a performance that stays with you. It' s not that I have a crush on Penny, it's just that she does such a great job that I'm infatuated with her. It's not wrong. Really.

Lucky, for me I get to see her and her band, FISH CIRCUS, play in Downtown Las Vegas Aug 21 and 22, 2011. FISH CIRCUS is playing the Beauty Bar on August 21st and The Artifice on August 22. Fish Circus is releasing their third album, Dinner with the Commodore and will play two night s only.

They label themselves as a "genre smashing artcore post-punk pre-metal fusion ensemble...with a little sprinkle of dirty rotten humor. The six member band plays psychedelic, playful aural tapestries, laden with labyrinthine wordplay" I'm not even sure what that means, but I'm sure I'll have a good time because Penny Pibbets is singing. The shows will be hosted by the Gazillionaire.

Check out the FISH CIRCUS web site for more info on the shows and the release of their new album.

The Beauty Bar
517 Fremont St # A
Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Artifice
(702) 489-6339
1025 First Street, #A
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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