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SPAtacular Day in Las Vegas

Where to head for a full day of relaxation in Las Vegas


Seasonal spa treatments always get me excited as the thought of having those ingredients that are in season included in my treatment make s me feel like I'm at a restaurant. For example, if yo have a fancy diner that includes butternut squash during the fall you might just have a little of the vegetable rubbed on your skin to make you feel younger. That doesn't sound good?

You need to try it. Pumpkin spiced massage, almond biscotti scented oils and a coffee rub. A spa day with some exciting seasonal flavors will have you booking your next Las Vegas vacation.

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1. Bellagio Spa

Recently, I had their element recovery treatment that exfoliated my skin and made me feel all slick and slippery. In a good way. First, I was scrubbed with a milk and sugar scrub that felt so soothing I would have paid extra if the therapist would went for another hour. Her hands work every inch of my body and as the dead skin falls away so does the stress. Soon, I'm showering and then I'm wrapped in warm towels and then a long hydrating facial and head rub. Yes, it was amazing.

2. Spa Mandalay

A spa day in Las Vegas should be required when you book your reservations. I recently had the Autumn Biscotti massage at Spa Mandalay and all i can say is that if you ever have the opportunity to get a massage in a bakery this is what it would be like. First, you have to be a fan of baked goods, I am so the fresh scent of cookies moistening my skin is about enough to drop me into such a deep sense of relaxation that I cannot recover from. I'm still relaxed from that treatment.

3. Nurture Spa at Luxor

The Autumn harvest season treatment is the perfect excuse for a spa day in Las Vegas. 25 minutes skin treatment, followed by a 25 minute massage followed by a 25 minute facial. Oh, and they rub you down with pumpkin spiced oils that feel so much like fall you dream about Halloween and then begin craving turkey.

4. Vdara Spa

I am partial to Vdara Spa simply because I love the hotel. Vdara has a boutique feel and there is no casino noise to deal with. The entire property feels modern and clean and it has a sense of elegance that I would pick 9 times out of 10. The spa is no different and although it is smaller than most spas on the Las Vegas strip it does provide you with all the amenities you need for a relaxing spa day.

5. The Spa at ARIA

I personally love the Thai poultice spa treatment at ARIA and frankly one spa day a month at this spa is barely enough. However, you need to take advantage of the add on Green Tea Eye Treatment that works to rejuvenate your look. There is nothing more soothing that these fragrant tea compresses placed over your eyes as you doze off.

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