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Royal Treatment at the Rio Spa & Salon


Celebrate the Royal Wedding Las Vegas Style at the Rio.
Royal Treatment at the Rio Spa & Salon
Courtesy of Rio Spa and Salon
So you are a little excited about the Royal Wedding? You don't know if you should send a gift or fly over to catch a glimpse of the gala. Well, here is my suggestion, instead of going through the hassle of renewing your passport and looking for a dress, indulge in a spa treatment that helps you celebrate along with Will and Kate.

The Royal Princess Experience at the Rio Spa and Salon will do just that. Why not make yourself feel like a princess and give your body a little taste of the royal life. Start the treatment with a little English Tea and then move into the sweet Rose Body Scrub. Now, if you have ever had a body scrub you know you do not need to be part of the royal family to feel this kind of pleasure. While you are at it you'll also get the paraffin treatment that will all at once warm you and relax you. Just when you thought you were entering the blissful place of your secret fantasies you are treated to an aromatherapy massage utilizing warm, lilly-infused botanical oils. Oh, how I love the feel of a gentle hand on my body as they rub warm oil deep into my aching back. You'll get an eye treatment and a special gift to go along with your special royal spa day.

So you know you are going to blow off the Royal Wedding now, right?

Las Vegas locals receive a 20% discount on all services, seven days a week. To book the Royal Princess Experience, call 702-777-7779 or visit www.riolasvegas.com. Rio Spa & Salon is open daily from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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