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Encore Escape Treatment at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas


Pampered Pleasure Taken To A Higher Level at Encore Spa
Encore Escape Treatment at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

The Encore Spa

Photo By Russel MacMasters
What you are about to read will make you question my ability to recommend something. Anything. I should make it clear that even after processing this experience in my head, I still believe that the Encore Escape Spa treatment at Encore Spa did indeed allow me to escape. I'm not sure where I was escaping to or from, but I'm positive that I never have had an experience like that before. You next question might be, "Were you drinking?" Well, if I'm working the Las Vegas strip you can bet I'm having a drink or two but on this particular morning I was not. So you want to know what happened?

After beginning my relaxing spa day with a deluge shower and a wet steam I plopped myself down on a hot stone bed and prepared myself for what would be the usual massage. I'm lucky that way, I get quite a few spa treatments in this line of work, you could say I'm somewhat pampered. When it was finally time to have my massage I was walked back to the treatment room and the therapist told me that it was not uncommon for her clients to feel a wide range of emotions either during or after the treatment.

Blah, blah, blah, is really what I heard. Not that I did not believe her, but, really, I'm dead inside I don't feel anything, anytime, anywhere.

Here is the official description for The Encore Escape Ritual:
The ultimate indulgence. Experience a mélange of the world's best massage techniques and escape to an experience that is simply out of this world. Detoxify with herbal infused Thai poultice bags and select Thai stretches. Relax with the warmth of heated stones and the rocking and rolling of Hawaiian lomi-lomi techniques. Hydrate with a warm cocooning wrap while receiving a scalp massage with Indian Shirodhara oils. An Encore exclusive. 105 minutes.

Here is where it gets weird, somewhere about 45 minutes in, she begins rubbing my stomach, lomi-lomi style and I want to say I felt as if a piece of my soul was lifted up, dusted off and dropped back in. Something left my body, I know it sounds nuts, but some huge clump of stress just floated out of me. As I type the words it still feels like I'm making this stuff up. I checked my notes and I wrote them down immediately after the treatment. Weird, yes. Relaxing, you bet.

The Encore Escape Spa treatment at Encore Las Vegas is the most dynamic spa treatment I have ever had. Does it make me weird? Maybe.

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