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Sinatra Dance With Me in Las Vegas at Wynn Las Vegas


The Music of Frank Sinatra at the Encore Theater in Las Vegas
Sinatra Dance With Me in Las Vegas at Wynn Las Vegas
I grew up on the standards, I grew up with a framed view of Las Vegas and I matured to the themes in Frank Sinatra's music. It just so happens that when renowned Choreographer Twyla Tharp decided to put together a show that incorporates the Americana of Sinatra that she tells a story that plenty of us can relate to.

You'll know the music, how can you not? When the music is the backdrop, the script and the catalyst for a show that is filled with talented dancers you then realize that the bar has been set for a performance that can play out on any stage in any city. That's right, I'm talking to you, NY.

You hear "that Broadway Show is coming to Vegas" well, get ready NY because soon this Vegas show will be knocking down the doors on Broadway and saying look at what you missed.

It's clever, it's fun and it does the music justice. What an homage to Frank Sinatra in the city that he helped to craft an image for.

The music of Sinatra Dance with me, evokes a response, the toe tapping, the finger snapping and the giddy feeling you know that is a response to love. From the moment you hear the horns in the opening number until the curtains glide down to signal the end of the night the energy is consistent.

I want to tend bar, I want to court a beautiful dancer and I want that swinging sensation that grew out of the era of big bands and iconic voices. Dance with me at Wynn Las Vegas celebrates Frank Sinatra, but it also celebrates the good stuff in life, romance, flirtation and the genuine fun that comes from experiences among friends.

Sinatra Dance With Me gives you talented dancers, a band that backs the vocal tracks with energy and a fervor that clearly is passion for the reverence of the performers.

Sinatra Dance With Me is a show that is needed in Las Vegas for the simple reason that it is not about Las Vegas, it’s show for a city that needs to embrace a culture of entertainment that is not predicated on the hoopla and instead dictated by the arts.

Sinatra Dance With Me
Wynn Las Vegas
Encore Theatre at Wynn Las Vegas
Monday through Saturday through January 29, 2011 at 7:30
Ticket prices for Sinatra Dance With Me are $69 and $89, plus tax and service charge

Sinatra Dance With me is choreographed by Twyla Tharp who has directed and choreographed four Broadway shows, more than 135 dances and has a Tony Award and two Emmy Awards on her mantle. This show includes fourteen dancers and the storyline follows four couples as their lives weave in and out of a swinging nightclub.

As pointed out to me by Las Vegas writer, Steve Friess this show is reconfigured from another show that opened on Broadway,"Come Fly Away" Twyla Tharp Talks about the new show with Broadwayworld.com

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