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Haunted Las Vegas


Haunted Vegas Tour:

Where are all the ghosts in Las Vegas? This tour will show you the scary side of Las Vegas. When I say scary I do not mean the drunk tourist with the aloha shirt trying to hit on you at the craps table.

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Where is the Haunted Vegas Tour?:

What will the Haunted Vegas Tour Cost?:

$46.25 gets you into the show and $57.25 get you a VIP admission where they throw in a photo and preferred seating.

Times and Dates for the Haunted Vegas Tour::

Haunted Vegas runs every Saturday through Thursday at 9:00 PM - Dark: Fridays

Haunted Vegas Tour:

The Haunted Vegas show is created by Robert Allen of Twisted Productions. Now you can visit haunting grounds of Bugsy Siegel, Liberace and Elvis. This is a two-and-a-half-hour guided tour featuring the dark secrets of Las Vegas. According to Allen, who consulted with Tim Cridland, a paranormal historian, there are more than 40 places where paranormal activity has been documented in Las Vegas. The tour includes stops to such sites as Tupac’s murder scene, the "Motel of Death," where numerous celebrity deaths have occurred. You can listen to tales of Elvis sightings at the Hilton and Liberace still playing the piano for restaurant guests.

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