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The Price is Right at Bally's Hotel

The Popular Game Show is Now in Las Vegas


Jubilee! Theatre at Bally’s Las Vegas

Come on Down! You know the drill, you guess about the cost of a blender or a stove and then you play some game and you get to win A NEW CAR! Well, maybe not, but you will have the opportunity to win a prize at the Price is Right Las Vegas.

Essentially it is the live audience – staged version of the popular game show. All your favorite games will be played as well. Plinko, Cliffhanger, Hole in One, In The Bag, The Big Wheel, Race Game, and of course the Fabulous Showcase.

How can you resist the Price is Right in Las Vegas?

Ticket Information for the Price is Right Las Vegas:
$49.50 (plus tax and fees) at Bally’s or Paris Box Office, Ballyslv.com Call 702-967-4567 or 800-237-SHOW (7469)

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Show Information for the Price is Right Las Vegas:
Dark Monday, shows daily at 2:30 except Friday 7:30PM

Contestants must be 21+ to play. Guest under 21 may buy a ticket to watch only.

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