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Shop Until You Drop in Las Vegas


Where To Go Shopping in Las Vegas
Shop Until You Drop in Las Vegas

The Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada
If shopping is on the top of your list when you travel and you consider it a contact sport you’ll be pleased that Las Vegas has all you can handle. You can shop until your feet ache and your wallet crumbles in Las Vegas. The highlight of the shopping day for me is the great food that allows you take breaks during your marathon shopping sessions.

So where are you going to shop? These are a few of the laces I’m dragged to by my wife who by the way is about as close to professional as you can get. She buys shoes when here closet is bulging with extra pairs. She owns a purse for every day of the week and she seeks out deals like a police dog at the airport.

On the strip a few favorite places are the The Shoppes at Palazzo that also connect conveniently to the Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian. The shops can lean to the high end but the walkways are fun and festive. If you are doing holiday shopping the space makes you feel like singing out loud. If you need to take a break for a meal consider Enoteca Otto or Postrio. If someone with you would rather watch sports and have a drink send them over to Lagasse’s Stadium.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace have everything you need in an opulent setting. You can shop all day here and still need a couple more days to do some real damage. I always head to the Apple Store and my wife spends hours at the Banana Republic store. We’ll meet for lunch at Spago or Trevi. If someone wants to cut out early Caesars Palace has plenty of diversions.

If you are looking for a typical mall the Fashion Show Mall is huge and has the big stores you have come to expect from your typical mall. I’m not sure it has anything special that you cannot find closer to home however, it might be a bit more flashy. Instead, I would head over to Town Square Las Vegas where the mall experience is elevated to a walking district with shops and restaurants.

If you need super high end and shops that you just cannot find anywhere else then you’ll head into Crystals at CityCenter. I love to walk into the Tom Ford shop simply because they know I’m never buying anything yet they have to be nice to me. They have all the cool stuff you really want but know you shouldn’t buy because it’s too expensive. When I’m done I walk into Todd English PUB and down a beer in 7 seconds. Because I can!

Where else will you shop in Las Vegas?

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