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Morels Las Vegas


Indulge In A Wine, Cheese and Steak Fantasy at Morels
Morels Las Vegas
If you love steak you will clearly be in bovine heaven as Morels features quality cuts from the dry aged to the Japanese Wagyu. You’ll also be treated to an array of cheese selections that will have you drinking wine and sampling some of the tastiest fromage you have ever set on your tongue. But, you will soon be treated to the iced seafood bar where the delectable candy of the sea will take you over the top.

A few things to try at Morel's Steak house:


  • Grand Plateau De Mer – a selection of seafood that will have you booking a vacation to coast. 1 lobster, 8 shrimp, 12 oysters, Octopus ceviche. ½ Dungeness crab. This is good but see if you can make a deal with your server to bring out just the Octopus ceviche and you’ll save yourself a little cash and still enjoy a taste of just how good the seafood bar is at Morels.
  • Petite Romaine Heart Salad –Sure it is a glorified Caesars Salad but it is made tableside and the dressing is decadent enough to make you eat all of your greens.
  • Pan Sauteed Sole – Yeah, it’s simple but incredibly delicious. Not sure if it was the flaky fish or the White Win Pan Jus or the vegetables but this meal was a good light alternative to so much you find in Las Vegas.

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