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Pictures of the Food at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar, Las Vegas


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DK Protein Plate
Pictures of the Food at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar, Las Vegas
I'm a maniac when it comes to good food. I'll eat too much and I'll drink too much. It is a well documented fact on these About.com pages that I'll stuff anything and everything in my mouth if it tastes good and it brings me joy. My visit to Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar in Las Vegas was so memorable I had to share pictures of a few of the dishes just to make sure you, the reader, the eater, the resident, the visitor, the person seeking something fantastic has a clear understanding of why you should put this spot on your "to do" list.

You'll thank me when you start craving food that is healthy, fresh and crazy good!

DK Protein Plate - Seared Ahi tuna, arugula, romaine, mushrooms, sprouts, artichoke hearts, tofu, hardboiled egg and sunflower seeds with a citrus vinaigrette. Honestly, I prefer my Ahi in either Hawaiian Poke' or thinly sliced as sashimi with a mound of wasabi. This salad is an approach to making a better choice about what I would be having at lunch. The artichoke hearts should not excite me but they do along with the fresh crunch from the romaine. I could have used more sprouts and possibly some chilled grilled asparagus. (of course, I'm never satisfied)

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Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar
3645 South Town Center Drive
Las Vegas , Nevada 89135-3020
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Phone: 702.685.7100
Find them on Facebook: facebook.com/DailyKitchen
Find them on Twitter: @dailykitchen

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