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Absinthe The Show at Caesars Palace Las Vegas


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Impressive Skating at Absinthe The Show
Absinthe Skaters

Absinthe Skaters

Photo By Zeke Quezada
So you get to see two performers skate around a tiny stage that is 9 feet in diameter. It’s a good thing if you like looking at two people who have zero fat on their bodies and look pretty good. I won’t lie, I spent a great deal of time during that segment of the show just watching the muscles on the backs of both the guy and the girl. (I really need to work out!)

As they spin around they are literally inches from the front row, so if you are prone to having to jump up to go to the restroom the front row is not for you. Also, if you tend to get into trouble for looking at other women/men, you might want to consider a seat just a little bit farther back from the stage, The Skating Aratas at Absinthe both have killer bodies that will test your discipline to look away before it gets comfortable.

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