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So Much To See at Aria Resort Las Vegas


So Much To See at Aria Resort Las Vegas
CityCenter is open and there is so much to see.

Why you'll be excited about CityCenter? Here are a few reasons:

  • Aria Resort- It's a hotel, yeah, but it is far more, soon you'll discover the sustainable design practices, modern design, art work that will impress any curator, culinary offerings from the best chefs and the King himself will be presented through the eyes of Cirque Du Soliel. Did I mention the pool deck? What about the technology? Oh and there is a spa as well? Need more info? Aria Resort
  • Vdara Hotel - If you are a fan of Las Vegas but not about the gambling and smoke filled casinos, your new resort is Vdara Hotel at CityCenter Las Vegas. You'll enjoy the all suite experience, you'll rejuvenate in their spa and you'll do it all in a way that is very Las Vegas yet different from what you have become accustomed to.
  • Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas - If you are looking for elegant, for luxurious, for upscale, then Mandarin Oriental will be where you'll be staying the next time you are in Las Vegas. Non-gaming, non-smoking and a 23rd floor lobby that will change the way you see Las Vegas. All that and you get Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, a restaurant that will give you a view of the Las Vegas strip like never before.
  • Crystals - The place to shop, to walk, to dine and to enjoy all that CityCenter is about will be at Crystals. 500,000 square feet of sophisticated retail and dining experiences that will keep you in the Las Vegas moment throughout your stay. Clubs, restaurants, shopping and a place to stroll in and around CityCenter.
  • The City Center Art Collection - You will be shutter happy when you discover the largest corporate art collection of its kind. This ambitious project will put CityCenter on the itineraries of art lovers around the world. Be it sculptures, installations, design, architecture and paintings, CityCenter will change the way you view art in Las Vegas.

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