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Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi in Las Vegas

Breakfast With A View In Las Vegas

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Take a seat on the patio, order an omelet, a bowl of fruit, a giant sticky bun and drink way too much coffee. I'm not sure you can find a better place to see Las Vegas in the morning on the Las Vegas strip. The patio is feet away from the Las Vegas strip so the sidewalk is populated with all the action that great people watching requires. The people who decide they'll run every morning they are in Las Vegas, the walk of shame crowd, the guy and girl who fell in love the night before, the three drunk guys who are walking back to their room after a very long night. I love Las Vegas!

Oh the food for breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas? The food is right up there with the best breakfast places on the strip. What you should have at Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast?
  • Go light with a Fresh Fruit Cup, Vanilla Yogurt Parfait and coffee and you'll get out of there cheap
  • Steak and eggs is pricey but you can split it. Slip some romance into your breakfast by sharing
  • Egg White Omelet with Hash Browns - This is my favorite at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas and the truth is I'm not going to be sharing even if it is a healthy portion. The tomatoe avaocado relish will make your morning with all the flavors that remind you you should watch more Food Network.
  • Warm Cinnamon Bun - So soft and warm and cuddly, it's like a stuffed animal that comforts you and brings you happiness
You will also love the idea of the Eiffel Tower rising from behind you as well as the Bellagio fountains across the street. Take a wide angle lens and shoot a picture of yourself and you'll have CityCenter, The Bellagio and Caesars Palace in your picture. This spot is really one of the best in town. This is a very Las Vegas spot for breakfast at the Paris Hotel and Casino.

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