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Chef Sammy at First Food Las Vegas


First Food and Bar Should Be Your New Bar
Chef Sammy at First Food Las Vegas

First Food Las Vegas Skirt Steak

Have yourself a Sammy's Cucumber Gimlet and take a look around. First Food Las Vegas is comfortable and casual yet it retains a level of modern and hip that makes it fell a bit more like Vegas. The restaurant has a Vegas vibe without the feeling that you just stepped into this high-end lounge where you need to talk about your earning potential. You could sit around enjoying a conversation with someone or start off an evening with a good meal. First Food Las Vegas is really the proper way to start your Las Vegas evening. Good meal, good drinks and a kick start to th energy of the evening.

A few things you should be trying at First Food Las Vegas.

  • Blackened Skirt Steak - Make sure to ask the server about it if you don't see it on the menu. Oh yeah, add the eggs. Trust me on this one. The chorizo potato hash mixed in with the chili oil is exactly what they serve at the gates of heaven. It's a little spicy, maybe they serve it in that warm spot but if this is bad I don't want to be good.
  • Frito Pie - You know you had this as a kid right. Chips with chili and cheese? No? I feel for you, it is a comfort food that everyone should should have.
  • BBQ pulled pork egg roll - Forget the diet, this one will blow up the calorie count but you'll feel good about yourself when you are done.

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Location of First Food and Bar:
First Food and Bar Las Vegas
The Shoppes at the Palazzo
3327 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Suite 2812
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 607 - 3478

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Hours at First Food and Bar Las Vegas: Breakfast early and late, very late night meals.

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