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First Food and Bar Las Vegas

The Bar With the Amazing Food in Las Vegas

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First Food and Bar Las Vegas
You're looking for the one place in Las Vegas where the food is great, the drinks are better and the atmosphere is precisely why you decided on Las Vegas for a vacation. First Food and Bar is that place. First Food and Bar takes the bar menu and reinvents it, simple, never trying too hard, while keeping you intrigued and very interested.

Named to About.com's 2012 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

First Food and Bar at the Palazzo Las Vegas

Location of First Food and Bar: First Food and Bar Las Vegas
The Shoppes at the Palazzo
3327 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Suite 2812
Las Vegas, NV 89109
See a Map of the Las Vegas Strip
Phone: (702) 607 - 3478

See the First Food and Bar website

Cuisine at the First Food and Bar Las Vegas: Comfortable American with drinks that scream Las Vegas in a very New York way.

Reservations at the First Food and Bar Las Vegas: You can, but you can also try walking into First Food and Bar

Price Range the First Food and Bar Las Vegas: $12 – 30, on the higher end if you have a few drinks

Hours at First Food and Bar Las Vegas:
Breakfast early and late, very late night meals. If you are hungry after the club you should be able to get a meal at First Food and Bar

Attire at First Food and Bar Las Vegas: Casual

What it’s like at First Food and Bar Las Vegas?

Walking into First Food and Bar you are comfortable in a decent pair of jeans or in your nightclub attire. The dining room has the urban feel of a place where everyone looks good and is ready to have a good time like the place that you have always wanted to frequent at home where everyone is happy and they just happen to call you by name. First Food and Bar is easily both a place for a night out with friends or a meal with someone special.

You’ll have a good time whether you are having dinner, drinks or both. If at all possible try to grab a table overlooking the Las Vegas strip. First Food and Bart is located in the Palazzo Shoppes and has a great vantage point to catch the Sirens of TI show across the street.

How’s the food at First Food and Bar Las Vegas?

First Food is easily the best place to have a late, late night meal in Las Vegas but that does not mean you should avoid it at any other time during the day. Oh, no, you need to to get there for an early dinner and extend it into your pre-show/nightclub meal.

Order Sammy D’s Cucumber Gimlet, a simple mixture of Hendrick's Gin, Cucumber and lime. This drink at First Food and Bar is so refreshing that you’ll forget you are in the desert, careful though, you might be tempted to have five. Munch on the pretzels and then prepare yourself for a foray into that place in your imagination where everything is tempting and you indulge in way too much.

What to eat at First Food and Bar Las Vegas:
The menu does change here seasonally or whenever someone gets a great idea. That is why coming back over and over is so much fun. See the menu at First Food and Bar Las Vegas

  • Mojito Lamb Chops - The Lamb Chops at First Food and Bar have such tender meat that they beg you to grab the bone and suck them dry. (Probably not good date food, unless you are into that kind of stuff) Even if you are not a fan of lamb you should at least attempt to share these with someone and you will be rewarded with a very distinct flavor.
  • Walnut Shrimp - Don't have the walnuts unless you plan on scouring the neighborhood in search of a walnut tree. The crunch from the nuts along with the flavor rich shrimp make this a must have at First Food and Bar.
  • Philly Cheese Steak Dumpling - You are probably thinking, a dumpling posing as a cheese steak? The Siracha sauce makes you wince a little before you smile from the joy in this original take on the classic dumpling.
  • Tortilla Soup - what texture, what flavor, if you are looking for that tortilla taste this soup will have it. Now, add in the onion, tomato, jalapeno and queso fresco and it will turn you inside out. The best Tortilla soup I have ever had, perhaps?
  • Mini burgers - If you find another person to share these beauties with you, be careful, they can induce unnatural feelings. Awesome grilled onions and beef that is as juicy as you have ever had in a burger. (This is a must have at First Food and Bar)
  • BBQ flat Iron steak - With cheesy grits and onion rings. Sweet bbq sauce on a tender piece of beef. Drop the grits up on top of the beef and then gently slide the thing in your mouth, you'll be in heaven!
  • Black cod Lobsternada - This dish is an alternative to the very decadent items on the menu. The Cod is in a Vegetable bouillon and if you are looking for something light this is your choice. The bread crumbs that encrust the cod are a little decadent but you'll be satisfied
  • Blackened Skirt steak - The chorizo potato hash is why you should have it but the eggs on top will make you weep with joy.
  • Desserts - Donuts - I really should not say anymore and allow you to dip those flaky things in the sweet sauce and experience the sensation of donuts melting deep into your mouth. I'm not going to tip you off to how good the donuts at First Food and Bar are, try them yourself.
  • Smores- If the smores around my campfire were this good I would camp more often.

Drinks at First Food and Bar:
A few things you need to drink at First Food and Bar Las Vegas:

Nacional Mojito - Bacardi limon, lime, mint, sparkling wine, bitters. Make sure the mint is muddled and you'll be pleased with this version of the Mojito.

Cotton Candy Kiss - This is a girl drink, it really is, but if you are a guy and you like the sweet taste of cotton candy you will have to order it. Don't do it at the bar unless you want to share the crushed life saver rim with the other guys at the bar.

Honey Old Fashioned - A Manhattan with orange - That is the best way to describe this take on a classic drink. Order this after the Cotton Candy Kiss, it will make you feel right again.

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