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Public House Las Vegas

The Beer Lovers Utopia is at Public House Las Vegas

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Public House Las Vegas
Public House Las Vegas

Public House Las Vegas Beers

If you think about it life is pretty simple if you have good food and good beer. If you happen to be lucky enough to have it in a good spot then it’s gravy. The term Gastropub has been somewhat diluted as of late as every new restaurant concept that happens to have a decent beer list wants to consider themselves a Gastropub. Pub and good food usually did not mix. Good food or good beer, you had to make the choice. Things are changing and at Public House at the Venetian/Palazzo they are doing it up right with both an amazing beer list and some pretty spectacular food.

Will I call it a Gastropub? I should since they might be calling themselves that but instead I think I need to call it a very nice tavern. I could also call it a really cool bar. I might even refer to it as a restaurant with fabulous beer. What I don’t want to do is call it a Gastropub because before you know it all the hipsters will head in to try the latest beers and I won’t be able to find a seat at the bar. If I call it a Gastropub , soon the revolution will take over the Las Vegas strip and then Public House will be associated with some mediocre versions of the new catchphrase for a place that serves food to go along with its refined beer list.

Public House Las Vegas needs its own category so for that reason I’ll call it the really cool tavern with an approachable bar and comfortable dining room that just so happens to have over 200 beers that I feel the need to try. Oh, and it’s at The Venetian.


Location: Public House Las Vegas
The Venetian Las Vegas
3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702.407.5310

See the Public House Las Vegas website

Cuisine: A Tavern with good food

Reservations: Recommended

Price Range: moderate

Hours at Public House Las Vegas:
Mon - Sun:11:00 am-11:00 pm

Attire: Business Casual

What it’s like at Public House Las Vegas?
“I’m at the end of the bar drinking a beer, don’t worry about it”

When you get a text message like that from a woman that you are supposed to meet it is hard to read into it. Positive or negative? I can tell you that I met a girl there. I can also tell you that I was really late. I can also tell you that when I finally arrived she seemed to be having a really good time as did the rest of the people in the bar area. She wasn’t upset and in fact it almost seemed like she was having quite a good time at Public House without me.

The bar is festive with a small lounge area that is more Vegas than it is pub but it works. The dining room has the perfect lighting for an evening of long stories over pint after pint of serious beer. The food is so far from adequate they almost do not need the beer to make me return.

Part of Where to Eat in Las Vegas 100 Restaurants You Should Try in Las Vegas.

How’s the food at Public House Las Vegas?
I talk to a lot of people in Las Vegas and I have never had so many people all agree about one spot like they do about Public House. They just opened and people love the food. You have to love the beer because it is an impressive list but people can always find fault with something. They are not finding it at Public House Las Vegas at the The Venetian and neither am I.

What you should try at Public House Las Vegas:

  • Poutine - I tell myself that I cannot enjoy this glorified version of chili fries simply because I was forced to eat way more than I should as I watched the Montreal Canadiens beat my LA Kings hockey team but how can you go wrong with duck confit over the crispy potatoes? Salty and savory, Public House does it as well as any of my French Canadian friends. The only way it could get better would be if I had a Kokanee Gold and I was having the Poutine in B.C.
  • Grilled Octopus – I feared that this would come out overcooked and chewy and instead I was surprised by the right texture and the vibrant flavors of the ocean that I crave regularly.
  • Quail and Waffles – Everyone seems to be adding waffles to stuff and while I am a huge fan of the chicken and waffles that I so crave from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in LA I’m not always happy with the end product from others. If you order this try to contain yourself as you sample the quail. Do not go out and buy a gun because you feel the need to start hunting quail. Quail is the refined chicken and the mild duck. It has the flavors and the moisture that you seek out in a chicken breast with a little added extra specialness that you get from the smaller birds. The waffle is not going to set the world on fire but it does not matter because the rest of the dish is insane.
  • Pierogies – Beer and comfort food. Grab two orders because there is no way you can munch on this dish without wanting more.


What you should drink at Public House Las Vegas:

They have over 200 beers so I’ll suggest trying one of their flights just so that you can get a good idea of what you really want to drink . I’ve had the Full Palate that consists of Kulmbacher Pils, Moose Drool, Firestone Dbl Barrel, Lost Coast 8 Ball Stout and I had the Hop Trip with Sierra Nevada, Tenaya IPA, Green Flash Hop Head Red, Uinta Dubhe. If you love beer you’ll think that Public House Las Vegas is what heaven looks like.

  • Green Flash Le Freak – 9.2% ABVso it does pack a punch and but is is not as high in the IBU department so you wont get the true bitter IPA flavor that you might seek. It is a phenomenal beer so have 2.
  • Maui Coconut Porter – I love it because it comes in a cool can and because it makes me think of being in the brewery in Kahana
  • Trappistes Rochefort 10 – This might be my favorite beer ever. I could sit and have a conversation with this silky, smooth beer any day of the week. Of course I could also get just as excited about Bosteels Triple Karmeliet.
  • North Coast Brother Thelonious – Monk lives in the form of a beer that makes you pause with enjoyment after every sip.
  • Lagunitas Pilsner – when you want to relax with your beer, this might be the choice.

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