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How to Watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas


The Super Bowl is on the way and it's time to make your reservations and place your bets.

The Super Bowl is on Sunday, February 1 in Florida there is no better place than Las Vegas for all the action. Well, you could be sitting in the stadium but then you would have to get up every few minutes to buy drinks. In Las Vegas someone will deliver them to you.

Where are all the parties?

First of all, where else do you want to watch the Super Bowl? In your living room with kids running by and you forced to throw out the trash and pick up after your friends? Of course not.

The Super Bowl is a national holiday and it should be treated with respect. Get a group of people together and book a room in Las Vegas a do it right. These are the best Super Bowl hotels in Las Vegas. Drink too much, eat too much and be your obnoxious, belligerent self while watching grown men in tight pants grope each other. YEAH!!!!!

Before you book a hotel do a little research and find the best price. Hotels room rates are very low right now so be diligent so that there is a few extra dollars for cocktails.

Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, does it get any better?

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