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Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Parties

Bring in 2014 in Las Vegas


Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Parties
Las Vegas New Year's Eve Parties

GET THE UPDATED NEW YEARS EVE 2014 PARTY INFORMATION - Where is the New Year's Eve Party? New Years 2014 Party Information

Where are you going to be when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve. Hopefully, I can help you find the New Year's Eve Party that fits you and your budget. Remember, just because you can drink at all hours of the day does not mean you should. Pace yourself, I once started a little too early and I passed out right on Fremont street before the party really got started. (I was young and did not understand Las Vegas on New Years) If you need a hotel for New Years in Las Vegas shop around as prices vary from ridiculously expensive to affordable based on location and availability. This is one of those times of the year when it is smart to book a room if you find a good deal. You might not want to hesitate which is different from the usual advice that I give.

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Where You’ll Be Doing In Las Vegas?

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Where is the New Year's Eve Party? New Years 2014 Information

Before you plan your New Years eve trip here are some suggestions.

Look for a place to stay and find a decent price in Las Vegas for New Years Eve

The Las Vegas strip has the big party this year with a few hundred thousand people celebrating the New Year right on the street. Is it fun? It is definitely an experience as you can expect to see wall to wall people that have decided that starting the night at noon meant drinking way too much all day.
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There is a huge fireworks display planned for midnight and the electricity in the air is really difficult to comprehend. If you have never done it, you should park yourself right on the center of the strip and have a good time. The strip will be closed to vehicular traffic and the party is totally free. I would suggest to stock up on alcohol before the big event because it will become hard to come by. If you decide to go sober, try not to get irritated with the hordes of drunken fools (like myself) who will be loud, obnoxious and having the time of their lives.

As you plan your trip to Las Vegas and you consider tours and attractions compare prices with Viator.com. If your looking for shows you can also try Best of Vegas. Take a look at what they are offering and if it suits you, you can easily save a few dollars.

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