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Monte Carlo Hotel Review by Reader vacouple222

Visited August 2008


Pro: Spa Room

Con: Casino

My last stay at the Monte Carlo was the 3rd time I visited their casino this year. Let me say that both of my previous stays at the Monte Carlo was exceptional, but this time my experience was quite different.

At the end of my previous stay I was approached by one of the Casino Hosts and told that they would like to extend 2-3 nights complementary based on my level of gaming, this offer was good for my next visit to their Resort and Casino. At the end of August we received a promotional offer from the Monte Carlo by e-mail and decided to take them up on the offer and went ahead and booked the trip. The second day during our trip we decided to go and talk to the Casino Host that offered to comp us 2-3 nights for our next visit and was pleased that she not only remembered me by face but also had remembered the offer she had extended, when I told her that I would like to take her up on the offer she pulled up my information on her computer and advised me that she could not honor her offer since we were visiting under a promotion. This seemed kind of strange to me since she specifically stated on my prior trip that her “offer” was based on the level of gaming we had played during that visit. I express that I was disappointed as I was hoping that any comps for the current visit could be used towards taking my wife to some of their dinning establishments. She looked into the level of gaming that we had already played for the 2 days prior to talking with her and she proceeded to comped us 2 nights stay off our bill based on those 2 days. She asked if I planned to maintain the current level of play for the remainder of our trip, I let her know that we have a set daily amount which we spend collectively so the level of gaming would stay very consistent, she replied that any other incidentals such as dinning etc… would certainly be covered by the Casino and to please see her again before we checkout in order to have those charges taken off our bill, of course this “comp” would be in relation to our level of gaming.

My wife and I enjoyed the rest of our vacation; I'm a big fan of the Blackjack tables but im no high roller in any sense of the word, im not going to get to far into dropping numbers, amounts, wins losses etc…etc… but I will say that on average I spend about 5 hours per day on Blackjack and my average bet is about $60.00 (any mid range gambler knows how many hands of Blackjack you can go thorough in an hour with a fast dealer). Anyhow, prior to check out I stopped back by the Casino Hosts office and to see what they could do with what was left on my tab and what future comps may have compiled for future visits since I was unable to take advantage of her original offer. She pulled up my information advised me that I had spend $224.00 on miscellaneous incidentals, she then went back to examining my gaming activity, to my surprise she advised me that she had “OVER COMPED ME” when she had taken off 2 nights from my bill earlier on the trip.

I know how the comps work and the amount of the 2 nights she comped was less then 10% of what I had spent in the Casino at that point in the vacation, coupled with the fact that $224.00 would be small fraction of comp value even for just one day of gaming between my wife and me. I asked her why she had told me to came back to receive the rest of my “comp value” prior to check out, she replied that it was her oversight but offered no remedy.

Anyone that has visited Las Vegas any number of times will recognize that the Monte Carlo took advantage of my loyalty to their establishment. They are losing a very loyal customer over $224.00, on Blackjack I would lose $224.00 in 4 losing hands within a matter of minutes. Its not the amount of money spend –vs- what should have been comped, it’s a matter of principles, its obvious that the Monte Carlo does not value me as a customer.

Based on this experience I would not recommend anyone to this establishment that plans to spend any time in their Casino.

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