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Hotel32 Las Vegas


Feel like a VIP at Hotel32 Las Vegas
Hotel32 Las Vegas
Hotel32 provides it all with that special feel of elegance packaged in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Hotel32 provides a luxury experience but leaves out the pretentious feel of other high end Las Vegas properties.

What sets apart Hotel32 from other Las Vegas luxury hotels is the level of service they are willing to provide through their Suite Assistants. The Suite Assistant experience is the combination between concierge and butler. More personal than a concierge but far more laid back than a butler. The staff can handle your request as well as have conversations with you. They can explain amenities as well as cater to the special needs you might have.

The loft rooms at Hotel 32 give you the space to spread out, a few flat screens to watch a game or two and the comfort that sets it apart from other Las Vegas hotels.

If you enjoy the pampering lifestyle but don't want to feel like a snob, Hotel32 is for you.

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