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Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand Las Vegas


Come Close to Culinary Perfection with Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas
Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

Le Caviar, caviar on a fennel cream served as a surprise

Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirage
I ask Chef Joel Robuchon about the importance of atmosphere in his restaurants and he is quick to respond, "It is the most important part of the meal." He will go on to reiterate the importance of the interaction of people, the staff and their general mood of happiness and the idea that people come to his restaurants repeatedly for the ambiance and the atmosphere. If there is an easy way to describe Joel Robuchon's Restaurants in Las Vegas, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Joel Robuchon, it would be the consistent feeling of passionate perfection.

Regardless if you are in Joel Robuchon or the more casual L'Atelier, you will experience the very best that Las Vegas has to offer when it comes to service, ambiance and quality. At L'Atelier you'll be fascinated with the way everyone involved in the operation of the restaurant is very good at what they do. Joel Robuchon, while being less casual, has the same welcoming feeling and lacks any of the qualities one might associate with high end fine dining. It is as if you are dining with friends who just so happen to love to shower you with attention.

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If you enjoy food, you could easily describe Chef Joel Robuchon's restaurants as perfect and leave it at that. You would walk in, have a few courses and consider any explanation of your eating experience superfluous and count down the days until you would once again be seated with a masterpiece before you.

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