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CSI: Las Vegas at the MGM Grand


Investigating and Solving a Crime at CSI:The Experience in Las Vegas
CSI: Las Vegas at the MGM Grand
You enter a crime scene and you will notice the detail in the site. Look around; make observations as you are collecting the information that can potentially help you solve the case. As you collect data you will soon realize that not everything is as obvious as you would like. The crime scene is very realistic and there are no shortcuts to solving the crime.

You are a new recruit and after you investigate the crime scene you are directed to an interactive lab area where you analyze the evidence that you have gathered and identify some potential missed clues.

As you continue through the CSI: Experience you’ll find various forms of scientific approaches to analyzing and interpreting evidence that is relevant to your case with the goal of solving the crime. Throughout the experience you are performing as a true investigator on CSI: Las Vegas and you will come up with a suspect and some findings that will help you crack the case.

With your findings in hand you’ll step into a recreation of the office of Lead Investigator Gil Grissom and present your case. After a series of questions you will have a case summary and you will compare your finding with those of the experts.

Only then will you earn your diploma and complete the CSI: Experience.

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Experience CSI:The Experience at the MGM Grand Las Vegas
Hours of Operation at CSI:The Experience at the MGM Grand Las Vegas:
Daily 10:00 am - 10:00 pm - (last entry at 9:00 pm)
Experience duration average: 60-90 minutes

Get tickets for CSI:The Experience at the MGM Grand Las Vegas:
CSI: Ticket information: 702.891.7006 or 877.660.0660
Ticket prices for CSI:The Experience at the MGM Grand Las Vegas
Adult (Age 12+): $30.00
Child (Age 4-11): $23.00
CSI: The Experience is recommended for ages 12+
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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