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Expand Your Horizons, Drink Tequila at T & T Las Vegas


Tacos and Tequila at Luxor Las Vegas, The Right Combination
Expand Your Horizons, Drink Tequila at T & T Las Vegas
This is a twist on Nuevo Mexicano, my dad would have had a cardiac if I suggested something on the menu to him but if had him blind taste the food, I'm positive he would swear he made it. That tells you a bit about the flavors that are involved at T and T. You get some authentic dishes and a opportunity to sample some pretty good tequila.

The ideal meal at Tacos and Tequila at Luxor Las Vegas for me would be an order of the Ceviche and a Mexican beer, most likely Dos Equis, because I am that interesting, followed by the combo tacos with extra habanero salsa, I would then finish off the meal with a vertical tasting of Milagro Select Barrel Reserve and a horizontal tasting of Anejo. You’ll leave there with a greater understanding of what Tequila is all about.

Tequila Tasting at T & T Las Vegas
If you are into Tequila this is one of those place where you might want to have a seat and try a few. They have over 90 different Tequila bottles at the bar and though that is impressive the fact that they have a couple of pretty knowledgeable people on staff makes it a little better. Consider a Tequila flight, either vertical or horizontal. Don’t go with more than 6 and whatever you do, take your time, this is not the tequila you took shots with, this is meant to enhance your knowledge of Blue Agave and the fascinating flavors that can come out of the aging process as well as the location where the Blue Agave is farmed.

What you should try at Tacos and Tequila at Luxor Las Vegas

  • Atun Ceviche - A little citrus a little Yellow Fin helped along by a Mexican beer and you have an afternoon snack that goes well with the smoky green salsa and guacamole.
  • Alambre Tacos -Grilled skirt steak, bacon Oaxaca cheese and some chile poblano. An order of these and you'll be craving Mexican street food.
  • Tinga Tacos - If you are more of a chicken person these shredded chicken tacos will seem like lighter alternative to the Alambre. I'll suggest that Habanero salsa on these and you will be happy and a little warm.
  • Mahi Mahi – The Chille Relleno that is in a spicy tomato broth is stuffed with goat cheese and you can taste the roasted pepper along with the flaky fish and it is worth a pause to enjoy.
Get more details on Tacos and Tequila

Tacos and Tequila has a great Tequila Menu, take your time, ask the bartender or your server for advice and don’t just drink, enjoy the tequila. A few of my favorites, Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Anejo, Ambhar Reposado and a new found favorite, Cazadores Anejo. Stay away from the Patron, anybody can go with the ordinary, the list at Tacos and Tequila is meant for you to experiment, do it.

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