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Laughlin Nevada Hotels

A Day Trip From Las Vegas to Laughlin Nevada


Laughlin, Nevada is less than 100 miles from Las Vegas and is the perfect destination for a day trip from the strip. Enjoy water sports on the Colorado River or relax in a pool at one of the many hotels in Laughlin. Food options are both abundant and very reasonable as are hotel rates in Laughlin. You get very similar accommodations in Laughlin as you do in Las Vegas for a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking for something to do in Laughlin, Nevada, the Colorado River runs right along the Laughlin Hotels and activities from jet skiing to dinner cruises are offered right from the Laughlin hotels.

Check out a list of Hotels in the Laughlin Area:

Aquarius Casino Resort Hotel Laughlin. Nevada
The Aquarius Hotel in Laughlin recently has renovated each of its rooms and for the price is the best deal in town. Right on the river front this was once the Flamingo Laughlin and it offers food options and entertainment for a great price.

Edgewater Hotel & Casino - Laughlin, Nevada
The Edgewater Hotel in Laughlin is right on the Colorado river and along the river walk that connects it to all the other Laughlin hotels.

Golden Nugget Hotel Laughlin , Nevada
The Golden Nugget in Laughlin is on the Colorado River and has some of the better food options of the Laughlin Hotels.

Harrah's Laughlin Hotel and Casino
You get what you have come to expect from the Harrah's properties. Clean rooms, good deals and decent food options right on the Colorado River.

Pioneer Hotel Laughlin
The rooms are cheap and the food is even cheaper. If you are looking for a low budget place right on the river and in the middle of all the Laughlin action this is it.

River Palms Hotel and Resort Laughlin
A decent hotel and low price option when looking for a hotel in Laughlin.

Riverside Resort and Casino
This is the hotel my parents chose while in Laughlin. It is a little dated but the price is always right and it is on the water.

Tropican Express Hotel Laughlin, Nevada
The Tropicana Hotel Laughlin is located across the street from the other Laughlin Hotels but still within waling distance of the Colorado River.

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