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Honeymoon in Vegas

Hotels for Your Honeymoon in Las Vegas


So you get married and you figure, "Why leave Las Vegas?" Have your very own Honeymoon in Las Vegas and think about one of these hotels for your romantic stay.

Planning on canceling your Honeymoon in Vegas? Don't do it!

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Bellagio Hotel and Casino for Your Honeymoon in Las Vegas

I know predictable, I pick the hotel that is known for being very luxurious and extremely high end. Well, it's just so nice and so luxurious I would be fooling myself if I did not list the Bellagio as the one place where almost everyone would have the Honeymoon of their dreams. Order some room service, pop the champagne and fill the tub with bubble bath. Need I say more? Sure, it would cost a hefty price but realistically you should have the mindset of the couple who says this is a once in a lifetime experience. Marriage is forever, right?

Your Honeymoon at Encore Las Vegas

Why would you spend your honeymoon at Encore Las Vegas? The easy answer is simply because they have some pretty comfortable beds. Of course, the spa is outrageous and if the drunken noodles at Wazuzu don't make you excited well you're probably dead inside. You should also consider Encore Beqach club, Sinatra: Dance with Me, Le Reve, Society Cafe, do i have to go on? The place really is that good.

A Cosmopolitan Honeymoon in Las Vegas

This is not the Las vegas you are accustomed to. The Cosmopolitan will make your honeymoon in Las Vegas feel like a slightly different version of the truth that you will ultimately tell your friends about. That's right, it is so advanced that you will have to come up with a lie just to tell the truth. Does it sound confusing? It should because it is unlike anything you have ever had in Las Vegas.

A Honeymoon at Binion's Hotel and Casino

You want old school when it comes to your honeymoon in Las Vegas, I can appreciate that. Just you and your partner and a few days of the Las Vegas magic the way it was intended to be enjoyed. I got it, I'm all over it. I completely understand what you're saying. Binion's is what Las Vegas was once like and it still holds a special place in the hearts of plenty of Las Vegas veterans. Grab a bucket of ice and couple of beers and sit at the roof top pool and enjoy the view. Old school honeymoon after a shotgun wedding!

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay for an Unforgetable Honeymoon in Las Vegas

If you think you need space for the recreational activities that you may take part in while on your honeymoon might I suggest THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. It is very nice, as upscale as you will need and set just right for a perfect Honeymoon in Las Vegas. You might enjoy the very large restrooms with spacious showers and a small flat screen television.

Go to Paris Las Vegas for Your Honeymoon

If romance is defined by having great meals or taking in the incredible views of the strips Paris Las Vegas is the perfect spot for you and your partner. Spend an evening at the Eiffel Tower restaurant with a view of the Bellagio fountains and fine bottle of red and you'll fall even more in love.

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