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Getting Married at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas


The Perfect Wedding at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Getting Married at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

The Venus Garden Chapel

Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment
Right from the time you say "I do" your fantasy begins, you start thinking about the flowers, the chapel, the guests and the reception. You wonder just how good you can look and just how magical this day that you have been fantasizing about forever will turn out. So has Caesars Palace, and they have people who have been thinking about it for you. In fact they are professionals who do nothing but get ready for your wedding.

So instead of turning into "bridezilla", let someone else do the heavy lifting and just imagine yourself with some incredible wedding pictures besides the pools at the Gardens of The Gods at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. While you're at it trim that guest list down and don't include those people you don't really know and invite me instead. I love a good party and I can always hang out at Caesars Palace.

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