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How To Plan a Las Vegas Vacation


This page should help you plan your Las Vegas vacation. All you need is a few resources and some patience to find a good deal and plan the perfect getaway to Las Vegas.

Looking for resources on coupons, deals, reservations and tickets in Las Vegas? Research a little and you could possibly save a lot.

What You’ll Be Doing In Las Vegas?

1. Plan Your Las Vegas Vacation

Before you plan your vacation take a deep breath and figure out exactly what you want out of your Las Vegas vacation. Is it you and your friends out to experience the world? Are you traveling with kids who would like nothing more than to drag you to an amusement park? Is this all about fine dining or heavy drinking? It's Las Vegas, it's whatever you want it to be.

2. Find a Package Deal to Las Vegas

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Often times, if you book your trip with the hotel and flight combined you end up with a much better price. Sometimes the cost of a car is almost non-existent and you can upgrade your room before you get to the resort.(you don't need a car in Las Vegas) When taking the time to plan a vacation be patient and make sure to check as many locations on the internet as possible. Kayak.com, Expedia, AAVacations.com are all good spots to check out.

3. Las Vegas Hotels

You will need a hotel unless you plan on going three days without a shower. Well, I have actually gone a week without a shower in Las Vegas and I had a hotel room. Get your full dose of information about a Las Vegas hotel right here. When you plan you Las Vegas vacation consider what type of hotel you need. Who is going with you? What location is best? Do you need something fancy?

4. Where to eat on your Las Vegas Vacation

If you're going to sell Las Vegas as a vacation to your spouse you have to mention the places to eat. This is a small peek into the great ways you can satisfy your need for food. There are plenty of amazing restaurants and an endless possibility of choices up and down the Las Vegas strip in every price category.

5. Where can you have a drink together on your Las Vegas Vacation?

On your Las Vegas vacation you will need a place to have a drink with that special someone. Check out some of the best place to sit around and get comfy with a bottle of bourbon.

6. You will need to get romantic on your Las Vegas vacation

Make your lover happy with a romantic evening in Las Vegas. Then you get them drunk, they pass out and you head down to the casino for the rest of the night.

7. Las Vegas Pictures

Now get a good look at Las Vegas so that you can state your case about why your family needs a Las Vegas Vacation. Don't be shy!

8. Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas is not all about drinking, gambling, dancing, eating and having fun, there is a few things for the kids to do. These are some more selling points to help your cause for a Las Vegas Vacation.
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