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How to Spend a Romantic Day in Las Vegas

Insert Some Romance Into Your Las Vegas Vacation


Romance does exist in Las Vegas and you can get romantic almost anywhere. Spend a romantic day in Las Vegas and introduce yourself to the other side of Las Vegas. Hold hands, whisper secrets and enjoy the company of another on a romantic adventure in Las Vegas.

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Where You Should Go In Las Vegas?

1. Breakfast at WET the Spa at TI

Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirage
What better way to start your morning than with a light snack at WET the Spa, at the Treasure Island, followed by a massage, a facial, and some time in the steam room? Let every inch of stress go and indulge your body in an experience that will open your mind for the rest of the day.

2. Lunch at Postrio Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel

Photograph Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Sit out on the patio and have a leisurely lunch at Postrio. The day is just beginning so relax, don't stress about the rest of your schedule. Have a pleasing salad or one of those fabulous Postrio Burgers. I would almost venture to say that you should stay away from alcohol, but who am I kidding? There is always a decent Sangiovese or a cuvee from France so why not indulge with at least a glass?

3. An Afternoon at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Photograph Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Shopping at the Forum Shops? On this excursion do not shop, instead do a little window critiquing. Look at things together while holding hands and comment on how well the other person might look in something. There is a Victoria Secret at the Forum Shops but really do you want to go that route? (As a guy, Yes! As a rationale person, it all depends) If you decide to buy something, what about a nice dress, some good looking jeans, a cotton shirt or an electric train set. It's not about the shopping it's about spending the day together! Now have a simple meal and people watch at Trevi.

4. See a Romantic Sunset From the Top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
You ride up the elevator at the Paris Las Vegas to the top of the Eiffel Tower observation deck and you are in very close proximity to your romantic partner for the day. As the Las Vegas skyline appears before your eyes take in the moment and make sure you let your partner know how good the day is going. Romance is embedded in your behaviors but a little gratuity through words always helps.

5. Flirt Over Drinks at the Top Of The World at Stratosphere

The View from the Top Of The World at Stratosphere Hotel might make you cancel the entire evening and retire back to your room but control yourself. One drink and a lot of conversation is required at this stop in your day. You now have to gear up for the rest of the evening while setting the tone for what is yet to come. Look at the lights, hold hands and whisper secrets that only the two of you can hear. Remember; as you whisper something in their ear be sure to gently allow for a little touching, just enough to set off the alarm but not enough to call in the troops.

6. Dinner at Michael Mina at the Bellagio Hotel

Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirage
The mood is enough to send the entire day over the top on the romance meter but scale it back a little, you still have a show to go to. Don't fall into the trap of ordering the aphrodisiacs on the menu, you will need to keep it together for a few more hours. Michael Mina has the potential for some real fireworks, be careful!
Side Note: Most romantic meal ever? A Corned beef and Pastrami (the Woody Allen ) from the Carnegie Deli, at the Mirage in front of the Bellagio Fountains. If feeding someone Pastrami does not do it for you, you must be dead inside.

7. Zumanity at New York/New York Hotel Las Vegas

Photograph Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
The sensual experience that is Zumanity is the way to go on a day dedicated to romance. Sure, there might be some sexual tension, but an adult show that pokes fun at out inhibitions and explains our feelings through simple art and preposterous characters is exactly what you need on a romantic day. Zumanity makes you feel good about knowing what you want and gaining the courage to ask that special person what they need.

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