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Things To Do For Your Teenagers In Las Vegas

They Are Not Old Enough Yet, But Vegas Can Still Be Fun


Taking your kids to Las Vegas but you just happen to have two kids that are really no longer kids but are not adults yet and need to be entertained. What do you do with your teens in Las Vegas?

I have a few ideas on how to entertain your teenagers in Las Vegas without boring the parents in the process. This list of things for your teenagers is diverse and will not fit every family but I’m pretty sure you’ll find a few you like.

By the way: Each of these activities has been tested by my own young adult and he gives me the thumbs up.

Things To Do in Las Vegas:
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Thrilling Activities for Teenagers in Las Vegas

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The obvious things to do such as the arcades at Excalibur, NY/NY and Circus Circus don’t really work as the kids get older so it’s time to get their adrenaline pumping. You can fit in roller coasters at NY/NY and Adventuredome or try some even more exciting experiences.

Teenage Diversions On The Las Vegas Strip

Here are a few activities for your teenager that may or may not be right. All kids are different but four choices are all very entertaining and I have seen a large number of teenagers at each of these.

Intro To Art In Vegas For Your Teen

If your teenager enjoys exploring or sightseeing these choices work. Both my teen and my 8 year old have walked though each of these and found them entertaining.

Shows That Work For Teenagers in Las Vegas

Entertainment in Las Vegas tends to move to the adult side very quickly but these shows all do a good job of keeping the content clean while not insulting the those teenagers in the crowd.
  • Mystere - Clean, funny, entertaining. Your teenagers will LOVE it.
  • Mac King - This can be considered a good kid show but I have seen plenty of teens having fun. Adults see it without kids.
  • Blue Man Group - My boys love this show and it has enough action to keep them very entertained.
  • The Beatles “LOVE” - It’s the best show in town for a reason. Don’t worry if they do not know the music. They will love it.

Free Stuff To Do With Your Teenagers

As you walk around the Las Vegas strip with your teen you might want to check out some of the free attractions.
  • Bellagio Gardens - Walk through and be impressed and then check out the chocolate fountain around the corner.
  • Bellagio Fountains - They a re best watched at night but the view of the people on the strip gets dicey as the sun goes down as well.
  • Sirens of TI - This is a favorite among teenage boys.
  • Volcano - Fire and loud explosions. Who does not like that?

Wildlife in the Desert

Maybe you need some living things in your Las Vegas adventure.

Feeding The Teenagers in Las Vegas

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Yes, the family has to eat so these are some suggestions but the truth is most restaurants in Las Vegas can work as long as your teenagers are not lunatics. In that case only half of the restaurants work. Casual Dinner/Nicer

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