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March Madness in Las Vegas

Find the Best Hotel to Watch the NCAA Tournament in Las Vegas


March means college basketball in Las Vegas and the sport books will be taking bets on who will end up conquering the NCAA tournament brackets. Find a seat and watch all the games in Las Vegas. Large screens at the Sport Books and plenty of sports bars to enjoy every game in every region. March Madness in Las Vegas cannot be any better.


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1. Lagasse's Stadium at Palazzo Las Vegas

This is the ultimate sports bar with giant screens surrounding the entire restaurant and a sports book just steps away from your seat. The food is good and the beer comes in large quantities. If you want to have a long day watching college basketball this is as good a spot as any.


2. Find A Pub In Las Vegas For The Tournamnet

You don't always need a full blown sports bar to watch the NCAA Tournament, a pub works well because they have televisions, they have beer and they have food. what else do you need?


3. THEhotel at Mandalay Bay

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Why THEhotel instead of the Mandalay Bay? Simple, you might need some space after the game to keep the party going, the rooms are huge! Also, when guys get together they tend to be cheap so you can cram a couple extra and have them sleep on the couch. One more thing, if you oversleep and miss out on a seat at the sports book or at one of them many bars around the Mandalay Bay you have a large flat screen in your room.

Three televisions in every room allow you to watch different basketball games at once and that is a recipe for a huge party. Now that is how you define March Madness!

4. Bally's Las Vegas

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Room rates at Bally's are very reasonable and the rooms are spacious enough you won't disgust yourself when you realize your buddy has not showered for a couple of days. The Sports book and bar are both perfect for March Madness basketball watching. You get good fast food nearby and ample space to watch the games.

5. Caesars Palace Las Vegas

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The Sports Book at Caesars Palace is large and there are plenty of food options so this works as a place to watch the games. You should be concerned with the cost of the room if you are on a budget however, if you are traveling with a few people who are not into March Madness with you they will be entertained. Caesars has plenty of bars around the casino so your viewing options go way up.

6. Le Burger Brasserie at Paris Las Vegas

If you need to eat while watching some basketball make your way to the Paris Las Vegas. Paris Las Vegas has a decent sport book and Bally's next door is a sure bet as well. However, not all all of us can get away with sitting in a bar and and watching 6 games at once, so instead you can make your way over to Le Burger Brasserie where a burger, basketball and beer will improve your quality of life.

7. Monte Carlo Pub and Brewery

The Brew Pub at Monte Carlo is a good budget place to watch some basketball during March Madness. The food is average but there are plenty of monitors around the place to allow you to enjoy some March hoops action. This is especially good if you decided to bring your entire family to Vegas while you watch basketball. At least you can feed them as you are glued to the action.

8. Casino Bars in Las Vegas for March Madness

Most hotels have a nice bar in the middle of the casino for the convenience of getting a quick drink. Well, lucky for you they almost always have large televisions that just so happen to be showing some basketball during March Madness. Want to make a few people upset, ask them to switch the channel to figure skating.

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