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Guilty Pleasures in Las Vegas

Things You Hate You Love in Las Vegas


It shouldn't be this way. I should not be a little embarrassed by what I really love to do in Las Vegas. Before you start thinking about all the possibilities I'm not talking dancing girls and dollar bills. I'm talking about the little things that you can talk to other people about back at the office but you almost feel ashamed about. Guilty pleasures. In Las Vegas there are plenty.

1. Margaritaville at the Flamingo Las Vegas

My wife is never happy when I start singing the Jimmy Buffet at the top of my lungs. You can only imagine that when I put back a few Land Shark Lagers and I realize that there is more booze in the blender that I get worse. I cannot even share my experiences with people because they don't understand me, my flip flops or my need to put wind in my sails and rum in my punch.

2. A Hot Dog at Pinks

I know it's just a hot dog but I sit down and enjoy it as if it is a masterpiece of a meal. I ponder just how quickly I should devour it and then I wonder if it is a bad thing that I want to go back in and get another. A hot dog at Pink's should not give me this much pleasure. But it does.

3. Penny Pibbets and The Gazillionaire at Absinthe Las Vegas

Oxsana the Unpronounceable at Absinthe The Show
Photo by Tome Donoghue

I like vulgar humor. I like the dirty things that might make some people uncomfortable. I like great entertainment. I also don't mind seeing a show by myself. That is where my tiny addiction to Absinthe Las Vegas gets a little weird. I am pretty sure I could stand by the door and get just a little dose of Absinthe every other day. Is it The Gazillionaires humor or those great sock puppets that Penny Pibbets pulls out? Not sure.

4. Sampling Way Too Many Beers at the Burger Bar at Mandlay Bay

I really cannot share with anyone that if I have a little extra time in my day I love to sit down at the Burger bar and try 5 to 10 beers. People will start to think that I have a problem. People question me about it all the time. I don't have a problem with commitment i just like to experiment with new things. Beers that is. Not whatever it might have been that you started thinking about.

5. Standing in the Pool with a Drink at Encore Beach Club

You get a drink. You stand in a pool. You make small talk. You notice that not all swimsuits are made alike. You drink more. You make flirtatious small talk. You look at some swimsuits more than others. You have yet another drink. You wonder if in fact the swimsuits get smaller or the body parts get bigger as the day evolves...You can see why I might be guilty of enjoy this too much especially since I tend to work alone.

6. Finishing An Entire Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 Caesars Palace

Don't judge me because I put the entire Frozen Hot Chocolate down in one sitting by myself as others share. Don't. Judge. Me.

7. Indulging in the Tasting Menu at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

You pay just a little more than might be socially acceptable for a meal that changes your life. Not everyone gets it. If they had this meal at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon they would, but they have not. I can do this all the time yet I cannot always tell my wife because she'll think I'm having an affair with the chef. The ultimate pleasure in Las Vegas is L'Atelier and I can't even feel guilty about it.

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