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It's Time For You To Head To Las Vegas


Why You Should Be In Las Vegas
Welcome To Las Vegas Sign

The Welcome To Las Vegas Sign

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You want to wake up with that foggy feeling in your head in Las Vegas. You know the one I’m talking about. Somewhere between dinner and drinks at the bar, the black jack table and then the inappropriate comments at the nightclub that end up with a stack of pancakes at 5AM with a Bloody Mary you realize that you still have two more nights to redeem yourself in Las Vegas.

Don't worry, I'm the Las Vegas expert and you are in good hands. You'll need some things to do while in Las Vegas so before you go and make poor decisions figure out exactly how you want to spend your time. Do not attempt to make a decision while sitting at the bus stop in front of the Fountains at Bellagio.

You will need a hotel in Las Vegas and even if your friends say all you need is a place to drop your stuff you have to realize that sleep is important if you plan on having a great time. Think about a hotel with a stereotypical Las Vegas pool if you are the type that wants to worship the sun. Some hotels are better for the foodie in you and yet still others are best if you are traveling with the family.

Listen, you have to eat in Las Vegas and you will need to find a few good restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. Don't be an amateur and try to drink your calories. That will only lead to you ruining the entire vacation with a hangover that keeps you in bed while everyone else is having fun. There are plenty of cheap food options in Las Vegas as well as some of the best restaurants in the country.

Now the good stuff. Where will you have a drink in Las Vegas. You probably also want to know where you should mingle with the pretty people. I have plenty of Las Vegas nightlife options for you so take your time and plan your approach.

Yes, you can still hit a different spot in Las Vegas to explain how you could have been a professional skydiver or how you wrestle sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. You know you have that great story of how you delivered a baby in the Serengeti as a pack of hyenas pranced around waiting to attack. Las Vegas is about the adventures you create, it’s about the wild stories you’ll tell and about the never ending excitement that you create by allowing yourself to have fun. Las Vegas has a way of helping you forget the bad and remember only the very good. So, if you are ready for that kind of adventure it is time for you to plan a trip that will be etched in your memory forever.

Pack some clean underwear, breath mints and a shirt that looks well if you sleep in it. It’s time for Vegas! Vegas baby! Vegas!

What you’ll need to get to Las Vegas:

The Essential Planning Tools For Your Las Vegas Vacation
Take your time and do a little research and you’ll find some good deals.

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